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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

21 September 2005 BUMMER

Well then, not had any suscess with the Sainsburys interview. Got a letter a few days ago, saying they have no vacancies there. Found some more work courtesy of Saxon Chadwick, someone who works for Sussex job centres (can't remember what work firm he works for). Applyed for a job for Next hoping something will pop up there soon. Meanwhile, I am still chatting my girl that I met at Eastbourne last week called Sam. And I have almost managed to get a ticket sorted out for the Brighton VS Norwich game, but it seems unlikely I will be at the Falmer March next Monday, which is a bummer as most of the Crocs are sadly not turning up, and the leader of the ISF aka me is not going, but the 2 other members of the Inter Sussex Firm (John Hewitt and Ashley Bradley and most of the Seaford massive will be there). Meanwhile I am hoping to get some work soon so I can start going clubbing down Brighton attending footy games etc and planning for my future. Anyway I am also going to plan to add some new features to this site soon, including a section with tributes to tv shows in the past, I hope u enjoy. Meanwhile a late well done to the England team in the Ashes, and Brighton for playing the best football i have seen in my life so far.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

14 September 2005

Well I went to my job interview yesterday at Sainsburys, and it lasted 2 hours. I reckon though it went well, and I have a feeling that I will get something soon. My old boss Andy Stratton (who is also a Maple Leafs fan) works there, there seems to be a fair few jobs there, so something should pop up soon. Found a few more jobs and I am sorting out the applications as I speak. Great performance by the Albion last night even though we lost. Strangly on my stereo which seems to have a strong stereo, I actully could get the Sussex SCR, which mean't I could listen to the Seagulls game. I am looking forward to the Coventry game on Saturday, for the record the next Brighton game I will attend will be the game against Norwich. Also the NHL seasons starting again soon which means I can follow my beloved Maple Leafs, and the tennis and cricket seasons are reaching their climaxs, with Englands great win in the Ashs, and Sussex still with a slim shot of winning the Championship. With my sport I just never rest.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Today for security reasons, Strike has had to for the tempoary mo evaucate Strike Towers, due to a scare, apparently, someone has sneaked into Strike Towers and left a mysterious substance in the building, the substance seems to cause the body to morph into unusual things and it looks like a ton of custard, and I have appointed someone to clear the stuff out, for now I am in hiding somewhere in Sussex (clue the place is quiet and by the sea), and I can't reveal the details of exactly in fear of some NSPers nearby, planning to kidnap me or murder me. I should be back at Strike Towers tomorrow, when the stuff is cleaned up. Anyway had a intresting week, me and my family were down Newhaven last Saturday and I will mention more details in my new big day out section coming soon to this site. I did not get the job at Maccy Ds, but via my old boss the legendary Andy Stratton, I am hoping to get work at the Sainsburys store it could be admin or shop work, wish me luck guys. As for the footy side good result for the Albion today, 3-3 draw against nasty Leeds. Anyway I have got my interview on Tuesday for Sainsburys, at about 10am, for now I am starting my investigation into who planted the substance at Strike Towers, and what the substance does, but now I am going back into hiding, but I will be back at Strike Towers tomorrow. Good Night World.

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