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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

6th July 2016

As I write this latest blog entry, I am still hurting from Iceland's shock win over England in Euro 2016 and painful to see them get hammered by the French.. So in the last month I have been busy resuming my volunteering. I did my annual trip to Eastbourne for the tennis and on Saturday ventured around Brighton as part of Simon Valder and Kathryn Andersons birthday celebrations, highlights included watching the Wales Vs Northern Ireland game in Molly Malones, not often you hear 'God Save The Queen in Irish bar and having tea at an American themed Diner. 

Today I had a fun day at the All England club at Wimbledon taking advantage of the massive backlog of doubles matches due to weather in the first week seeing all kinds of my fave players a great day apart from just about repeating the sun lotion in my eyes trick of Eastbourne 2014, I was not really in serious pain though eyes were slightly watery, however when I left the All England club, a concerned female copper stopped me telling me my eyes looked red and wanted to check that I was not some trouble maker, after the confirmation came through from Met Police HQ that I am as harmless as a Slow worm I raced home wanting to avoid people staring at me.

I am going to go into hiding for a bit, speak soon people. :)


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