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Sunday, June 26, 2005

26 June 2005

Well a mixed weekend, I had a Friday that turned from a dream into a nightmare. I was hoping to get to a interview for a mortage company in Haywards Heath through First Recruitment, I had everything planned. Then something went horribly wrong, yes u guessed it there was a broken down train at Faygate Station, which mean't my train did not come and had to walk to Three Bridges Station, and by the time I got there. I was going to be late, so I ended up getting a call telling me the interview had been postponed, so ended up walking back to the town centre. Then I found out later that the Mortgage Company had ended up employing someone else. I will bounce back and something will pop up next week. Its not the end of the world. I spent the weekend around my parents house, met my brothers, who were obcessed with blowing people up in planes on the addictive Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I got so addicted I have ended up borrowing the game for the week. I hope to give a review about the game soon, and what I get up to in the game. Its certainly more exciting than watching noisy Amazon Forest tortoises mating (or having sex), with each other. I stayed round for the night being well fed over the weekend. My brother Daniel Ball is hoping to be training with the army for a few days soon. Good luck to him. Dad introduced me to a strange kind of motorsport, Monster Jam, people doing stunts in Monster trucks, what a amazing sport, that was on channel 5. Well next week I will resume jobhunting I may make my debut appearance at the County Ground in Hove depending on money meeting up with John Boy, when Sussex take on Surrey on Wednesday. Before I go let me say this.

Bring on the Palace scum on October 18th and November 19th.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

23 June 2005

Well not been up to much the last few days due to a cold. But I have been jobhunting, had a interview down Haywards Heath, with another one tomorrow for a Correspondance Administrator. Plus watching lots of tennis. Disapointing about Tim and Greg going out. But it looks like we will be having new blood in Andrew Murray who defeated Stepanek in stright sets.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

19 June 2005 (McCarthys BBQ Special)

What a wonderful weekend I have had, even though I had to miss the tennis final at Eastbourne, due to financial reasons. I got up early in the morning wondering what to do for the day, when I discovered that Scott McCarthy was holding his annual BBQ at McCarthy Towers in Burgess Hill. I got the OK to go at almost the last minute on Windows Messenger. I had some pizza a drink of Carlsberg and watched the Eastbourne final on Marvins TV. A bit of a one sided final with Clistjers beating Douchencova in the final comfortably. I then caught the train to Burgess Hill, and walked to McCarthys Tower from the station. All in all it was a good BBQ, and early on I impressed the guests with my football stats knowledge. So much so, that I have made two promises that I will try and fulfill in the next two seasons.

1. Get to KV Mechelens ground and watch a game, and get a shirt of the club and wear it around Brighton for one day.
2. Attend a Albion away game dressed up as a woman

Anyway it was an honour to meet a lot of new faces that are legends. I won't mention names. You all made me welcome and happy in one form or another. Special mention goes to the McCarthys, for hosting this wonderful evening BBQ. Of the games Scott hosted I only took part in the pass the parcel and won a used tennis ball, will be a good addition to my tennis ball collection except I left it at Scotts Place. The Dancing competition was hilarious though I did not take part. W

e stayed out half pissed in the garden til Midnight when we went into the living room to watch the legendary Football Factory. Me, Scott and Kevin (All Brighton fans) were shouting, through out the movie, "yes we have got the Croy*** scum in the league next season, get in there." We were saying certain scenes are similar to Cardiff away fixtures. Then we watched about the first 20 minutes of The Omen possibly one of the scariest movies I have ever watched. Then we drifted between sleep and being awake between 2am til 5am, I attempted to see if I could get a train back to Crawley at 4am, only to discover to my horror Scott blew up the train to prevent me leaving early. Well there would be no train until 5.56 from B.Hill. So stayed at Scotts house for about an hour and a half, discussing about Pokemon and Pogs, with mates. I then left for the train to Crawley encountering bike riders on the train due to take part in the days London to Brighton bike ride. It was nice to meet the people I have met before like Scott with his strong sense of humour, Carina with her Anglo-Aussie accent, and Tom Witham, with his sexy shorts. But it was nice to meet some new people. Thanks for making my day.

Today I went round my parents for Fathers Day, we had a great roast, with me giving dad a nice card, sadly most of the time I was there I had a bad cold from the BBQ which mean't I felt drousy throughout the visit, but it was fun anyway. I felt nosgalgic with programs like, Indcredible Hulk and Batman, boy they don't make programs like they once did. Anyway got my jobhunting next week, plus endless tennis at Wimby on TV. Hopefully things will turn out right for me.


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