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Saturday, July 23, 2016

23rd July 2016

Last few weeks there has been a mix of sadness and nice sunshine. I lost a good female friend to cancer about 2 weeks ago, about the same age as me and I knew her as we both volunteered at same place and became good friends. Cancer can be a bitch. 

I have had some intresting experiences with Southern Rail recently as well on Tuesday after visiting my brother Daniel in Brighton, I waled up to the station to see not only the gates oddly closed but also a large crowd around them and police present. Was it another terrorist incident? a strike? no it turned out due to overcrowding and train shortages the place was closed for the moment but rather than wait around I ended up walking to Hove Station and getting a train home from there on the hottest day of the year. I was hoping this would be a one off from Sussex and South London's fave rail franchise (not!). 

On Thursday decided to see the theatre show Some Girls at Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, it featured ex Emmerdale the lovely Roxanne Pallett and Carley Stenson (who I have seen live before of course). It is about a man (whose name is never mentioned), who travels around America to visit 4 of his ex girlfriends to make amends before his wedding.  With his college sweetheart first then followed by Pallett as Tyler, a sassy vibrant lady who ends up kissing the man (and possibly sleeping with him), the third lady whose name escapes me was interesting a posh older lecturer whose husband is apparently waiting in his car knowing that she is meeting her ex though the husband is a bit of a Mrs Mangel husband/ Fat Elvis character that you wonder if they really exist and actually outside the building. Plus finally Stenson as Valley Girl Bobbi who the man seems to harbour feelings for. All in all it was joy to watch good comedy and felt my friend was with me in spirit. Plus a fun Q and A afterwards by Terri Paddock featuring the revelation revealed by cast member Charles Dorfman that there is deleted scene where the man with no name goes and visits a ex he had relationship with when he was 16 and she was 12, there discussions on American accents and Carley wishing people leaving a minute early a surprise farewell hence I waited until ontime to leave so no one noticed me (though my Brighton shirt maybe made me stick out like sore thumb in deep Arsenal territory)  On the way back home had another fun experience travelling on tube to London Bridge thinking there would be trains to take me straight back to Three Bridges or Gatwick but nope was only trains going to East Croy*** so had to wait there for about 10 minutes before getting the next train home.  


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