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Monday, October 31, 2016

31st October 2016

Still recovering from a great weekend, starting off seeing Brighton win 5-0 and stopping off in Burgess Hill with football friends on the way to party in Crawley to do a little karaoke gig at The Potters in Burgess Hill, singing the usual Mike Flowers Pops cover of 'Wonderwall' and then uniting with the Hassocks Fatboys football squad for their cover of 'Truly, Madly, Deeply', then racing off to The Swan Pub for the Halloween Disco but having to go as Peter Parker in Albion shirt as did not have time to change at Strike Towers but was a great evening overall.

Apart from health scares of one or two people I know I have been fine. I have got plans to attend Lindfield Bonfire Parade rather than Lewes due to screwed up trains this year, and trying my best to hold the fort amongst the chaos. But cheers for reading and the great evening people and will update in near future with more news. :) 

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Monday, October 03, 2016

3rd October 2016

Hey there my first blog article since the summer and there is a good reason for that. Due to me battling stress and anxiety and feeling better and over one hurdle only for another one to come along the death of Marie in July, but I feel I am getting over that now and ready to move on with life. But I have had a good circle of friends and family try and help out esp those I have befriended at Blazian Lounge cafe in Crawley for their retro computer/ board game night (which was thought up by yours truly after visiting a bar in Manchester that had something similar), its an end of an era there but I am sure i will keep in touch with much of the gang there including Monkey (Meow!) and respect to Adrian and Shoosh the lovely hosts of the events there. Plus I had a great time at Jamie Van Der Westhuizens 40th birthday party last month after the Albion match. Its all keeping me sane and out and about. 

So I have been carrying on with my volunteering and i am starting up an advanced website design course at good old Rewards Training. that could lead to projects beyond Strike Factory  Plus finally still reeling from the shock of Holly Bartons death in Emmerdale which was well acted by the lovely Sophie Powles who I had the honour of seeing perform in Ghost Train at Capitol Theatre in Horsham last year, and Natalie J Robb who plays Holly's heartbroken mother Moira, it was certainly the best soap Emmerdale last week. But hopefully will catch Sophie in another theatre show in area soon. 


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