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Thursday, October 20, 2005

20 October what a week part 2

Well then after the match, I did not see a lot of mayhem, as feared, me and the 4,000 or so Brighton fans began their parade through Croy***, singing and chanting that we beat the scum 1-0, and banging garden fences, and the Met Police, did not tell us of for it, there were police waiting outside Norwood Junction Station, as we bid farewell, and got the train from Dirty Croydon, back to Sussex, cheering as we entered Gatwick Airport Station (The offical gateway to Good Old Sussex By the Sea). LOL, and the train would stop at Haywards Heath and Brighton. I got off at Haywards Heath, and got the train back to Crawley and spent the next day walking around the streets of Crawley in my Brighton top to wind up the majority of Palace lovers that live in Crawley. But it seemed like suddenly the amount of Palace that resided in Crawley had disapeared off the earth, I was wandering if this part of Sussex for the first time in 50 odd years had been cleansed of Pal*** lovers, even a lot of my local neighbours were delighted that Palace had lost. There was even less chavs and more police in the town centre the last few days, is this a dream, if so this is a wonderful dream come true. Meanwhile I have applyed for a few more jobs, and hope to get something and hope I can get hold of a mobile ASAP. But for now I am off to celebrate Albions great win against Pal***, at Martin Chandlers place.  

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20 October 2005 what a week

Huh for starters I managed to get some temping work in Burgess Hill at a mail company called Mail International, it resulted in work there for Wednesday and Thursday last week, the work went pretty well despite the Foyer panicking it would effect my benefits, but we got something sorted on Friday, as I managed to do just under 16 hours, and I get my cash for that work tomorrow. Thanks for the work Brook Street in Crawley, and sorry about not being able to do the work last Friday.

But I enjoyed the work overall, after a quiet weekend I got prepared for the trip to Croydump for the A23 derby against Brighton, I managed to get a ticket at the last minute courtesy of a Brighton fan from Worthing, I got to Crawley Station and strangly saw more Brighton than Palace, I got the train to E. Croy***, with some Albion fans from Copthorne, as we left lovely Sussex and entered Surrey heading towards Redhill (or Rediw as locals call it), we allready began to notice the landscape look bleak and depressing, as we advanced towards Croy***, we noticed more and more graffiti, and boarded up windows. At Merstham, we noticed that the Seagull fans had allready invaded Palarse country, when we saw a fire burning Burberry Caps.

Then we were at East Croy*** Station, I raced to Platforms 3 and 4 to meet up with the Albion fan for the tickets on that platform I saw a train full of Stone Island Albion guys shouting Seagulls. The Met Police keeping them under order, I got the tickets from the Albion fan, and we advanced to Selhu*** Station, and then had to walk through the dark depressing streets of the s***hole Surrey town to Smellhurst. I noticed that most of the locals gardens had either cars or rubbish in them, I only saw 2 nice gardens, both next to each other, I guess that must have been Brighton Blokes house and his decent neighbours place, we arrived at Smellhurst, the whole of the ISF and a lot of McCarthys crocs were present, I was ready for my away debut. We entered the stand, and from kick off all I could hear was Brighton chants, we held out against the Pal***, and at half time it was the Brighton fans singing, and the Pal*** were silent, in the second half, Paul McShane, who will go down as a hero in my book for the rest of my life got the winning goal. The Brighton end of the ground went nuts, for the rest of the match, the Brighton fans sung their hearts out, giving it large to the Palace, while the Palace fans around the ground looked white and shocked, at full time the Brighton end went nuts. The Palace fans left looking down and shocked. And I am ovet the moon as a result, more to come later, and also adding a link to a site, about a very unfortunante young lady.But for now.


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Monday, September 26, 2005

26 September 2005 March Special

Just for starters the last few days have been a mix. I have got a interview with Next on Thursday courtesy of the legendary man from Hailsham Saxon Chadwick, who works at my jobcentre, sadly I missed appointment with him this morning, sorry Saxon. Then last Thursday I got threatened by a yobbo front of my brother in Asda Car Park Crawley who had threatened me quite a bit a few years earlier and has punched me in the past. Luckily I walked away and ignored him, and he did not bother me after that. But I have had enough of all this yobbo shyte in this town, I just hope to move out of this dump in the next few years, sadly due to work reasons, I have to stay here for the mo and just be careful. Hackers seem at large, one managing to steal my brothers Runescape game account, and of course tha tragic hacking of the Burgess Hill Uncovered messageboard, Chappers is doing everything he can to get the board alive and kicking again.

Anyway the highlight of the last few days has to be the Falmer March at Brighton, which I attended along with fellow ISF members John Hewitt and Ashley Bradley, I bumped into Andy Rumble on the train, from Three Bridges to Brighton, and along with a few seagulls we had a saints fan with us going to the march. Me and Rumble had a friendly disussion on various stuff, ranging from Piercy getting released due to swinging on a goal bar at Withdean before the match, to BNP being the scum of the earth.  Overall the march was quite good, I spent most of it walking with Kevin Ticehurst. it was bigger than last year despite the fears of some Albion fans that not many would turn up due to doing last years. There were other football supporters there ranging from Crystal Palarse, and Pompey, to the likes of Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund, I finally met one of the main members of the Seaford massive Bakesy, and walked the last bit of the march in peace and united, and finalising the peace deal between the Seaford Massive and the ISF. All in all it was great meeting you mate. Plus it was nice to see Yorkie and Nedd Ludd looking well and happy after coming back from Greece, we were discussing about the great rivalarys in Greek football, it was great to meet some new faces including Mark Funnell who seemed to run away from me, Hiney and of course Beach Hut from North Stand Chat, and some others. All in all a great day.

P.S I am starting to question about the sexuality of a certain Steve Valder, after sticking in his avatar a picture of me and the legendary Kevin the Ape, normally he has pictures of fit women in his avatar on his webste North Stand Polls, but he seems to mention a fair bit about my site and Kev The Ape, which makes me wonder is Steve 100% stright, or a closet Bisexual or Homosexual. Got nothing against Gays or Bis, its Ok to come out Steve for the record I am 100% str8.

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