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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

27th July 2005

Well I would just would like to say that the bombings in Egypt are awful, sick and barbaric, and my thoughts are with the victims of the tragedy. Anyway I am starting my legends section featuring sports people and here are some early nominations

Peter Crouch, Dave Lee, Anna Kournikova, and Steve Claridge.  are early people that will be in this special hall of fame

Anyway not been up to much the last few days. Got some bad news for my fans in Ipswich the Strike Factory Tour will not be coming to sunny Suffolk, due to the football league. Oh well Strike Factory and a group of anonyous people are arranging a big surprise for the world next week. I will not go into details about it. Bournemouth looks very doubtful due to being tight on money and wanting to go to footy league games. But I am planning on going to some nice places in Sussex for a day out, so it could be a place near u. Meanwhile I have got my forms filled in for the temp work, I am still keeping a eye out for work. Just in case something pops up. More details of the tennis comp coming soon.

With Steve Claridge going it means, I have lost a bet I made with John Hewitt and Ashley Bradley. so it means I will have to buy them a drink at the end of the season. Anyway more details of great days out coming up here through Strike Factory, with a possible attendance of the Pride parade in Brighton, so watch out.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

24 July 2005

Well I stayed around my parents for the weekend. Had some dinner there played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for hours. Bizarre for brothers my age I discovered they actully like some Old Skool Acid House, they discovered some old skool acid house on a CD I left and they seem to like SXpress and Bomb The Bass. Todays been boring not much money weather being awful, I was thinking of going to Tilgate Park for a walk, but not going due to the weather. Anyway Andy Rumble wanted me to say something for this site that I have just forgotten, let me know please Andy. Anyway I am planning to start a fantasy tennis league, so if anyones intrested email me, I am just planning the details in the next few days. And will publish them here in the next few days, I am also planning to have a legends section soon which will include sports heros and cult heros (eg Peter Crouch or John Crumplin). So stayed tuned.

Edit: Congratulations to Dwayne (aka Mr Big, Thomas), for becoming a father good news to hear.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

20 July 2005

Well I signed back up with Office Angels on Monday, and they quickly offered me some temping work working at these Crawley Tescos offices, the work starts mid August and will last 1-8 weeks, which sounds good. I am looking forward to it. Still keeping an eye out for other work. Other than that I have not been up to much the last few days. I have decided that I will try my best to make the Bournemouth friendly, which will be my second game of the season, Ashley Bradley, and John Hewitt, are two other people that have confirmed will be present at Dean Court on that day along with me. Should be a fun day out.

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