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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb 1st 2006

All in all not much in the first month of January, not found much work, been to the last 3 Home Albion matches with the Covvers defeat, the great Leeds win and the boring boring draw against Burnley. Not found much jobwise, though I have uncovered some class albums recently and discovered some class old skool tunes which I will reveal on my site soon. Lets hope Februarys a much better month for us.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

13 January 2006

Well thanks to Lokki 7 from NSC, I managed to get a ticket at withdean for Leeds the game. In the North Stand just like last years game against Mackems when we beat them 2-1. But it proved to be a good omen as we ended up winning 3-1, but since my post I have turned 20, saw Brighton lose to Covvers, Leon Knight leaving, my temp work finishing, which means I am jobhunting again after finishing my temping work. More updates soon once one or two things are sorted.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

1st January 2006 (first entry of 2006)

Well happy new year to all, and tomorrow, its Charles Ball Day. Yep its my birthday. When I become the big 20. Well I had a great christmas I now have a exercise bike, good for training to be a tennis or football star. lol I stayed round my parents for a few days, did some bargain shopping. and currently hoping to get a ticket for the covvers fa cup game. Only bummer was I stayed in for new years eve oh well. I am unsure what to do to celebrate my birthday tomoz, with work from 3-7pm, thinking of a night out in Brighton again, but very unsure if no ones going to come down. Any suggestions people.

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