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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16th February 2016

So the last few days I finally got the answers to some problems I have been having, I had a really bad anxiety bout that scared me for a few days worrying about various stuff and having to leave a football match at half time I was watching due to feeling nausea, nerves and aches, I never leave matches early normally. Eventually a concerned neighbour had to contact emergency services a trip to local hospital found that the aches/ nausea were due to stress and anxiety and not anything with my heart or blood which I had feared. This eased my state of mind now knowing what the cause is. Due to this esp bad anxiety bout seeking help and advice from doctors, good friends and family how to deal with them and prevent another one happening where you feel nervous, nausea, shutting your self off to the world, these bouts are horrible places to be including for us aspies. But starting to feel better gradually and confident the happy, bouncy Charles will be back soon. Peace and take care people.