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Friday, January 29, 2021

One month into lockdown my thoughts!

Hello people been a while since I last updated this blog but an awful lot has happened in the last year or so esp the last month since my area of England (Sussex) was put under another lockdown on Boxing Day. But I was quite anxious about the news knowing it could possibly run until the end of Easter and was worried due to living alone, not having a partner and no car. Then about 2 weeks into lockdown I reluctantly accepted furlough from work, I was quite mixed about the idea as on the one hand it was quite quiet with not a lot to do and was anxious about whether I should be there and did not want to interact too much with other people at work to keep covid spread minimal so thought it beneficial to furlough esp knowing those that have had covid recently and aware its serious and not to be scoffed at, but on the other hand did not want to lose the routine of going into work and the interaction I could have with people there, and I did not want to be furloughed as long as last time but in the end we agreed 4 weeks, and hopefully will be that with me back at work soon.

Last 2 weeks have been pretty up and down emotionally having things to do in my flat is not an issue, but loneiness (can't stand being alone in my flat for too long), erratic sleeping and motivation lacking that person to prompt me have been bigger issues for me in the last month, plus not having a car and relying on public transport to get about which is a big no no this lockdown means I miss my escapes to the South Downs or the nearby Sussex coast.   Plus I am too anxious to ask anyone if they want to form a support bubble with me as I don't want to get in the way of those that need a support bubble from friends and family more than me. On the positive side I have been trying to organise walks and runs with friends, which helps get me out and give me a bit of company. I know I am not the only one finding things tough with plenty of others experiencing similar if not worse, and doing my best to keep positive knowing the days are getting longer, covid rates going down and the vaccine is coming out soon with possiblity things will be eased at some point in future when that will be I don't know, but willing to be patient and dream of the time when I can go back to day trips in the countryside or coast, seeing friends and family watching the Albion at the Amex Stadium, tennis plus cricket in the sun plus of course parkrun. Keep strong bloggers and readers.