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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

6th December 2006

Its been a quiet few days, I have had to call off going to Steyning due to homework. Which is a blow. But I am all set to get my application for West Ham sent off this Wednesday, as the mighty Brighton take on West Ham, and I hope to be there. Although it will not be the end of the world if I don't get a ticket. So mostly been either sleeping, sorting out finances, or working at college. The winds of the previous night certainly did keep me up, but luckily the gale force winds have not really effected me, although the college at Haywards Heath did have lighting and heating problems on Monday, due to the power cut that hit large areas of Mid Sussex on Saturday.

 Secondly RIP to those two firefighters who lost their lifes on Saturday fighting the firework fire near Lewes. It can be a hard task being a fireman.

Finally what is it with people having silly looking inflatables on their houses or gardern over Christmas, whilst a few look OK, most of them are terrible look cheap plus tacky, and signify a lack of taste. Unsurprisingly Crawley (which I hope to be out of sooner rather than later), has a large number of them.  Being the home of all things unimpressive. Anyway just a rant. More coming soon.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

29 November 2006

Basically, been either busy working, or taking it easy. Though did take advantage of the cheap £10 offer to get into The Den (along with about 899 other likeminded Seagulls), to see Brighton beat Millwall, join in the singing, and the fun of getting the train, from London Bridge to Gatwick Airport. Witnessing about 10-15 seagull fans invading the first class section of the First Class First Capital train going mad and singing loudly in that part of the train was a marvelous highlight. Though did get stuck at Gatwick waiting for train to Ifield due to the land slip in the Haywards Heath area, and did not get home until 00:30.

Anyway as for housing I got in contact with the local Open House in Crawley and they will try and see what they can do moving wise. If no luck in that route, then I will try and get a flat or house through Crawley Council, then try and get an exchange for another flat in a far nicer part of Sussex.

Anyway despite my progress I am still not completely over the depression as well as I hoped I would be. Hopefully I am getting a bit of help with it, and the Open House at the same time is going to try and get me a bit more money so can do a little more than what I am can do, and I am trying to keep positive. The course at College is going Ok, though could be better, hopefully over the New Year things should turn around. The talents in my head, and I believe I can succeed on the course, just need some confiedence reinstalled in me. Plus I am going to improve my cooking skills, so I can cook for myself and for any future girl I encounter, also its due to the fact I have not regained my weight as well as I hoped I could, so getting some help with that. Anyway have a great week my friends more coming soon, including the review on Millwalls ground.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

New name

After a few days, I have decided to revamp the name, to something more sensible than just Strike Factory. I hope you like the new name. Sounds more business like.

 P.S for anyone wanting to look at profile sites of me check out



 Anyway been busy catching up with work, not too much exciting to mention apart from a girl called Amy who keeps on waving at me when I am in class, and she is outside. Is she really intrested in me, or just having fun I was talking to her yesterday, and she seemed nice. Early days yet but who knows. Not had much luck on the girls side. But if you are intrested in me check out my faceparty profile, and send a message. Can anyone give me advice on how to improve my faceparty profile?

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