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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well done Sussex CCC 1/09/2005

Congratulations to Sussex CCC for securing promotion from the Totesport League Divison 2 after beating Surrey last night. I was well over the moon due to the result.

Graham Thorpe, Alec Bedser, Ovaltinies, M25 (South), Croydon Pikeys, Stockbroker belt, The Levellers (the original 17th century ones, not the crusty Brighton band, Kate Melua (Has lived in Surrey since 1998), The Jam, Angus Deaton, Surrey Palarse fans, Eric Clapton, etc. Your boys took one HELL of a beating today.

Anyway I am going for a job interview courtesy of work aid, for this mail job thing in Crawley, gotta get ready for the interview soon. My brother Daniel Ball and my flatmate Marvin Plummer, have both been addicted to this runescape game, its basically a online RPG game, looks basic but not bad, I have account as strikebhafc, though I am not playing it much. To join me and the two other guys, go to GB London World 10.

And finally R.I.P Mr Bronson what a legend the guy was, I watched the old Grange Hill episodes during the 90's and faintly remember him and remember his infamous phrase that scared youngsters in the late 80'sYOU BOY

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Its back 29/08/05

Yes Strike Factory is back, huh, firstly thanks to Rogue for being a big help, over the last week for starters, what a amusing day, I have had today, I thought my macdonalds interview at Gatwick was at 10:00am today, only to find when I got there it was 3pm, I got back, tidyed myself up and then headed back to Gatwick, via the Fastway bus, I got to the interview bang on 3pm, just as the mighty seagulls some 20 miles south were kicking off what would eventully be a impressive 2-0 win for them, I reckon the interview went well, and got back to the North Terminal bus stop, only to discover I did not have my fare to get me back to Strike Towers a few miles away.

I had a think, and decided either bunking a train from gatwick to Crawley, or walking to town to save a penualty fare, and money, I decided for the second option. I for some strange reason decided to walk on the Sussex/ Surrey border path, part of the pathway had some rusty old fencing on both sides of the path (Possibly from the good old days when Brighton and Palarse fans really disliked each other so much, they had to put fencing to separate the Brighton Sussex fans from the Palarse Surrey fans no offence to any of my Surrey based friends including Seagulls with the misfortune to live there).

To my horror I ended up on the edge of Horley only just in Surrey. AAHHHH, is Mr Ball doomed to eternity in the dull county? No I am not, I luckily got my brain into gear and went the right way back to Strike Towers in SUSSEX, a few miles away though it was quite a walk. LOL But I am safe and sound, I found the fare that was to get me home from Gatwick in my bedroom when I got back. GRRR what a dunze I am still I got  more money for food at least LOL

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Monday, August 15, 2005

15 August 2005

OK then I am thinking of giving this site a good revamp, it even involve changing this site into a proper website than a blog, but unsure as could be moving out of the foyer soon and not having a PC or the technology, to update a good site regularly, so may have to stick to this blog form until the site improves. Anyway I was at the Crewe game on Saturday seeing us get the draw against Crewe. In all honesty not a bad result. Nice to meet fellow members of the Inter Sussex Firm. (John Hewitt and Ash Bradley). Also Andy Rumble seemed to have girls around him wearing a pink wristband and a pink shirt. It was great to meet the Founder of NSP Steve Valder again, discussing about our sites. Then I stayed round my parents on Sunday, not being up to much.


Anyway there is some things I would like to clear regarding my last diary entry, for starters whilst I believe there is nothing wrong with Crossdressing, I was not wearing any clothing Western Soceity would link with the female sex on the train to Eastbourne. Nor did I look anything like the girl that I mentioned in my last diary entry. She just happened to look my type of girl. But thanks for the info and advice people. Now back to playing Family Fortunes on Burgess Hill Uncovered.

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