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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas everyone from Strike Factory

I hope u all have a great christmas wherever u are. I am going to be celebrating it at my parents house. anyway been preparing for Christmas the last few days, seeing my brother. Then rounding it off with a good night out in Brighton, going down Audio once again, with plenty of cash from work. Mean't I had a beer with drinks and fish and ships. Lovely. Added one or two collections to my dance music stash as well. Well I am off to get ready to go to my parents see ya.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Not a lot has happened apart from work at Druckers the cafe in Crawley the last few days. I am still keeping out for other work, plus saving up to go to a Albion game, could be Hull at home or Luton away, need to decide by the end of the week.  Anyway I have been invited to my works christmas party, more news as I find out. Anyway I am off to watch Horsham VS Brighton res tonight, my brothers should come up for that.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

25 November 2005

Overall a very mixed week, for starters. I have managed at least to get some part time work at a cafe bar at County Mall in Crawley starting next week. Plus I have managed luckily to get a Albion ticket courtesy of B.M.F. But the negatives have been I have accidently cocked up getting to two interviews for decent full time jobs, Lewes District Council being wankers about Brightons new ground.

Hopefully though next week should be a good week with the start of Cafe work, Albion getting results.I should have a good week with the bonus that the cafe work.

Finally rest in peace George Best to a legendary footballer and a popular person, when I get the time I will add him to my Strike Factory Hall of fame as a tribute. Anyway have a good weekend everyone.

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