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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Today for security reasons, Strike has had to for the tempoary mo evaucate Strike Towers, due to a scare, apparently, someone has sneaked into Strike Towers and left a mysterious substance in the building, the substance seems to cause the body to morph into unusual things and it looks like a ton of custard, and I have appointed someone to clear the stuff out, for now I am in hiding somewhere in Sussex (clue the place is quiet and by the sea), and I can't reveal the details of exactly in fear of some NSPers nearby, planning to kidnap me or murder me. I should be back at Strike Towers tomorrow, when the stuff is cleaned up. Anyway had a intresting week, me and my family were down Newhaven last Saturday and I will mention more details in my new big day out section coming soon to this site. I did not get the job at Maccy Ds, but via my old boss the legendary Andy Stratton, I am hoping to get work at the Sainsburys store it could be admin or shop work, wish me luck guys. As for the footy side good result for the Albion today, 3-3 draw against nasty Leeds. Anyway I have got my interview on Tuesday for Sainsburys, at about 10am, for now I am starting my investigation into who planted the substance at Strike Towers, and what the substance does, but now I am going back into hiding, but I will be back at Strike Towers tomorrow. Good Night World.

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Good luck for Tuesday

Posted by: Bert | Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thanks for the comment mate. I hope to get the work soon.

Posted by: Charles | Sunday, September 11, 2005

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