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Saturday, May 20, 2006

20 May 2006

Well been sorting out my long term accomadation in the last few days, jobsearching, and now looking at returning to college, but at Haywards Heath (Central Sussex) for History A Level, gave the collage a call, and ended up sending me a form I will let you know how that gets on, the complete oppisite to last month, when I popped down to H.Heath and walked to the college last month to find out about the course, the place was like the ' Mary Celeste', when I went into reception no one was there despite the door to the waiting area being unlocked. But anyway, also been planning to put my money aside for things like the cricket at possibly either Horsham, Arundel or a away game at Tunbridge Wells (though to some its a Sussex town), to see the mighty Sussex CCC play.

I have also been entertaining (or boring) neighbours Kennerdy, and Chris Geddes, with fave dance tunes, and endless footy chat regarding Brighton, Brum City, and the Gooners misfortunes a few days ago and fave European teams (Well I am delighted regarding Arsenal. LOL)  Also trying to chase up tickets for the tennis at Eastbourne and Wimbledon, and I may be making a appearance in early June at Eastbourne for those Strike Factory fans that live down that way, to attend a special event, for Rose u remember the one with Pseudo Obstruction whos link to website is mentioned here, she is running a fund raising event for people with Pseudo Obstruction.

Anyway have a good weekend all, and lets hope this nasty weather disapears.  I am also doing some experimenting with this site your thoughts on this new colour scheme.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

16 May 2005

Huh not too much stuff has happened at Strike Towers apart from a launch of a stick cricket league for Brightonfans.com, and Strike Factory (and its friends and assocaites), called the Sussex A League, the winner gets a Mars bar the current league table is as follows.

  Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pnts
1 Minghawk 5 7         12
2 automad 3 5         8
3 Taylor159370 4 3         7
4 John-Boy 0 6         6
5 phippse 0 4         4
6 THFC fatboy 2 0         2
6 Palace where they belong 0 2         2

To enter this legendary League, register on www.stickcricket.com, and

Enter these details in the Join League

ID 57278

Password automad

Ps  Special mention goes to Mr Goma for appearing on the BBC News 24, who will have his own column on this site very soon.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

10 May 2006

Not too much happening exciting in my life recently, still bloody jobhunting, and waiting for a place. But been out a bit recently, went to the cricket to see Sussex CCCs great start at Hove by beating Middlesex in the C and G Trophy. Special mention go to the 2 lads trying to mix Brighton and Hove Albion chants with Sussex cricket anthems while pissed, all afternoon. Then passing out at the end. I went down to Seaford the weekend before that, to have drinks with mates, Seaford seems like a nice little town. Anyway got lots of tennis to look forward to, and I have got plans to go to SW19 this year for the first time in 3 years, hoping to repeat my fine adventure of 3 years ago, of watching fine outside court matchs, and then getting into the show courts, via resale £5 tickets. I may make another appearance at Devonshire Park, though unsure if it will be the womens tennis, or the Davis Cup, financial money depending. Plus cricket at Horsham and Hove, and fingers crossed my debut appearance at Arlington and the World Cup, this looks like being a great summer for me.


PS Once again HA HA HA Palarse.

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