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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Not much, been almost a Jacket Potato for the last few days, getting closer too work, still going for work in Crawley area, but still keeping an eye out for work in the Brighton area just in case I can get a ticket for a dream move down there. This website went down tonight for the first time ever. I have changed the website a bit with mentions to people that make this site better on the about me page. There was a lot of activity on the Strike Factorys Forum, from Mark Funnell, John Hewitt and Ashley Bradley, who put loads of intresting and colourful posts (some were porn). But I have decided there is no need for a forum for this site and I have scraped it all chat on this site will take place on Peter Chapmans Burgess Hill Uncovered Messageboard, so if u want to chat about anything to do with this website go there or submit a comment on the side of the website. A week to go til the start of Strike Factorys Football Tour the South Coast tour 2005 resumes at the same time there is a possibility I may make a visit to Rye for a nice day out in a historic Sussex town on the coast and close to the pikey Kent border. This could be a late minute addition to the already confirmed visits of Worthing and Bournmouth. Will let u know ASAP. Plus don't forget the Big Feast Festival at Strike Factorys on Aug 2nd before the Crawley VS Croyscum Palace game. With lots of food and loads of Old Skool Dance/ House music guarenteed. Watch this space people.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

3rd July 2005

First things first well done to the Lizard girls from Strike Factory, Kay, Catherine, Sue, Laura, and Katie for running the race, and raising good money for charity all 5 managed to get pretty good times in long distance terms.

Lush and Catherine - 32 minutes
Laura - 34 minutes
Alex, Katie and Sue - 46 minutes

 We at Strike Towers are full of admiration for u.

Anyway, well done to Venus Williams and Roger Federer for both winning their 3rd Wimbledon Championships in good fashion over the weekend. Both good finals and wonderful ways to end the British Grass Court Season for 2005. Now we have got the US Open coming up. I am off to revamp the website a little and hope everyone has a good week next week.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

30 June 2005

Not much going on at Strike Towers apart from a decision to change my lifestlyle a bit, also to keep an eye out for jobs. Well not found much job wise this week. But I went to meet up with the Sussex barmy army at the Twenty Cup game yesterday. It was my debut appearance at Hove, and I really liked the carnival atmoshepre at the game, and the anti-palace chants we were singing at the County Ground. I joined up with Scott McCarthy, the Legendary Jamie Jones, Kevin Ticehurst, Dan Collins, Burt Lloyd, John Hewitt and his brother plus Ticehurst Snr, Tom Mac and Ali Mac. Sadly the cheating Surrey Palarse lovers won in the end. And I ended up with a group of other disapointed Sussex fans at Hove Station at 11pm at night, wandering what the fuck we were doing at the station. So we decided with the gloating small group of Palace fans at the station. To start singing anti Palace tunes and Brighton chants, and it really silenced them. They know we are going to get them next season. I will put my pictures of me on Sky TV in the gallery plus a pic from the BBQ courtesy of McCarthy Industrys and Peter Chapman from Burgess Hill Uncovered. Good luck to the Lizard Ladies on Sunday


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