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Friday, June 17, 2005

17 June 2005

Yesterday, I went down Connexions and applyed for a few more jobs, plus met someone that knows a group that can get me back into work. I will also be meeting with the resettlement Officer on Monday, the lovely Pat Ward, to let her know that I am still looking at ways to move out the town. But if it does not work, then I will stay in Crawley for a few years and save up to move out the town, also to see if this group through Connexions can get me work outside the town, somewhere Brightonish, or a coastal Sussex town (Worthing or Eastbourne). If not then I will go for work in Crawley and stay here for the mo.

So I am keeping a open mind at the mo, and a positive mind. Anyway I watched the tennis on TV and noticed yesterday that a certain Natalie Dechy of France was wearing trousers, as it is so damn cold down the Bourne. This made the Daily Mail, and I will hopefully put it into my funny pictures gallery. Nothing wrong with women wearing trousers same way there is nothing wrong in my opinion of men wearing skirts. It will happen one day.

Got Fathers day Sunday, hoping to get my father a card and have a nice roast round my parents on Sunday, next entry will be after the roast. Now I am looking forward to the final being shown on TV tomorrow at Eastbourne. Then on Monday its the big one WIMBLEDON.

P.S There will be no more GOTYACHAS due to it losing its magic.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

14 June 2005

Huh went for my interview at Gatwick today for Hargreaves Sports. They told me I needed a passport (I don't own a British passport AAAHHHH), but they would try and find a way to sort it out. Overall the manager of the shop seemed impressed. Doubtful I will get the job though due to passport. Apart from that done fuck all. Hope u lot like the new gotacha series. Two people tonight on MSG suggested I start a count for masterbating. Sorry but due to content on this website I am not going into anything, sexual wise.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

13 June 2005

Huh what a last two days its been. Firstly on Sunday, I went round my parents for the traditional queens roast, not very exciting. eh. Nah it was a blast. It was a first class roast! Anyway today, has been a very good day for me as I started my South Coast Tour, going to Eastbourne for the tennis. I will mention it in a new section. Called Strike Factory on Tour, that I will create. I have got an interview tomorrow for a job at a Gatwick Sports Shop, wish me lick people. Anyway before I go news has just come into Strike Towers that the jury have found Michael Jackson.


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