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Monday, August 01, 2005

1 August 2005

All in all a good weekend, I went down to Audio in Brighton on Friday nights, as they had their Stumpphunka night (or whatever they call it). And had a class night, dancing to top class underground house, I made some friends there, some of the girls I made friends with were fit looking girls. I was due to meet up with Danny Seagull and Downloaded Penguin from NSC somewhere but could not get into the clubs due to ID or looking too casual, possibly because due to my world class website I was too good for the clubs. I stayed at the Audio from 10pm til 3am. Then afterwards after finding out that rumours of a beach rave or a gatering somewhere was complete tosh, we ended up staying at a Djs flat on the Hove/ Brighton border, the DJ was a legend and played some class house in his large living room, we all got some beer down us while there and I left at about 5.30am to catch the train to Strike Towers.

I had a quiet Saturday due to reasons explained above. Then Sunday I went around my parents, I then learn't that the people arrested in Brighton on that day, were people attempting to blow up the proud owner of this site, yes me. Luckily there plan was foiled, I warn you, no one messes with me. But seriously good they were caught and shows the police are doing their job trying to erase terrorism from this country. I stayed around my parents on Sunday. Spending all afternoon with my brothers playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, god I really am getting addicted to that game. With my flatmate bringing his PS2 back soon, I may waste more of my youth playing that game sad ain't I. HA HA Not long to go til my temp work starts.

Meanwhile I noticed one or two NSPers were not too impressed with my last diary entry, I won't mention their names or their location, but I will try and add more humour, sorry been a bit busy etc so not had time to add witty humour.

Finally I would like to invite people to a free party at my place, that I will hold after the Brighton VS Crewe game on Saturday 13th, I promise top class stuff and people are welcome provided they bring some food and drink. I will be playing mostly Old Skool Dance, and House and Rave tunes. People are welcome to bring their own CDs provided its Dance the party will last from after the game to hopefully the early hours (about 2 or 3am), you can come and go when u want, whilst I am hoping to let certain people sleep around my place, for more details please email me.


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