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Thursday, October 20, 2005

20 October what a week part 2

Well then after the match, I did not see a lot of mayhem, as feared, me and the 4,000 or so Brighton fans began their parade through Croy***, singing and chanting that we beat the scum 1-0, and banging garden fences, and the Met Police, did not tell us of for it, there were police waiting outside Norwood Junction Station, as we bid farewell, and got the train from Dirty Croydon, back to Sussex, cheering as we entered Gatwick Airport Station (The offical gateway to Good Old Sussex By the Sea). LOL, and the train would stop at Haywards Heath and Brighton. I got off at Haywards Heath, and got the train back to Crawley and spent the next day walking around the streets of Crawley in my Brighton top to wind up the majority of Palace lovers that live in Crawley. But it seemed like suddenly the amount of Palace that resided in Crawley had disapeared off the earth, I was wandering if this part of Sussex for the first time in 50 odd years had been cleansed of Pal*** lovers, even a lot of my local neighbours were delighted that Palace had lost. There was even less chavs and more police in the town centre the last few days, is this a dream, if so this is a wonderful dream come true. Meanwhile I have applyed for a few more jobs, and hope to get something and hope I can get hold of a mobile ASAP. But for now I am off to celebrate Albions great win against Pal***, at Martin Chandlers place.  

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