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Monday, April 23, 2007

St Georges Day message/ 23rd April 2007

Firstly happy St Georges day to everyone, to all English and non English, as we celebrate Englands national saint day. Will be having a big feast with neighbours to celebrate St Georges Day tonight, plus currently in my England Rugby Union top, was the day St George slayed a dragon and that William Shakespeare was born (though it may have been someone else that wrote all that fine English poetry and stuff).

Meanwhile I have managed to get a few essays out the way the last few days. Which has been a big relief. I went  REMF training at Hassocks on Friday, and despite my impressive goal beating Scott McCarthy I could not master the skills of Ticehurst Senior, who was immense thoughout the evening. Thanks to everyone looks like at least I have earned the right to attend the match as a spectator at least on Friday at Lewes FC.

Meanwhile me and my brother have decided to organise after being impressed by Brightons beach football facilities a Strike Factory Cup beach football match (to celebrate 2 years of this site plus me getting over the hard times), with me and my brother being captains. My team has to consist of Albion supporters, while my brothers team will consist of London Team followers. The match will be in late May to fit in with Strike Factorys launch date of late May 2005, the exact day and time will depend on players work commitments if you are intrested in coming and watching, and know more info on the beach football thing at Madiera Drive please let me know.

COMING SOON Strike Factory Cup

Brighton and Hove Allstars VS London Allstars

Where and time Madiera Drive, Brighton, Sussex late May time and exact date yet to be confirmed more details contact this site or Mr Charles Ball himself. 


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

18th April 2007

Well I suscessfully managed my visits of Crawley, Brighton and Hove museums you may see the reports right now. Meanwhile I returned to college on Monday. I will be attending the REMF football training on Friday. To get into the team.

I have done some revision with this site a little there are now pictures of my museum adventures in the museum gallery section. Also the Profile section of Strike Factory has been adjusted with more info about the history and the origins of this site that go as far back as 1996 and Burgess Hill. Plus I hope you enjoy reading the visits on the museums, and feel free to post comments on the entrys.

Meanwhile still training sports wise. Focusing a lot on college at the mo, and currently researching infomation on private rent to see if its viable and suitable for me. After the recent blows trying the housing and council way of getting out of Crawley (though still not ruling the Sussex Oakleaf in Burgess just means I will have to wait until the end of the year if I wanted to go for it). Though researching and not rushing into anything, If anyone has any infomation on private rent the good and bad things please let me know. Just checking to see if its a possible alternative for me.

I can't believe it but I intended not to sign up to anymore sites such as beebo, or facebox after pressure from a few friends (one of which is a former flatmate and will be kept anonyous), I have gone further into the geeky world of the internet and signed up to Facebox NNNNNOOOOOOO!. But does not look a bad site to be fair feel free to add me once I get link when i have more time.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

11 April 2007

Well as I write this I have caught another cold. Unbelievable, but looks like there is another cold going round the whole of my neighbours where I live. Meanwhile I will be visiting Hove and Brighton museums on Friday if anyone fancys meeting up, I will be at Hove Museum at roughly 10 am and then will venture to neighbouring Brighton museum by midday. Then I will be visiting Crawley museum on Sunday as part of my museum challenege the reports will be shorter in writing and will have some pictures of me at the museums. (Yes I have managed to get a temp camara). 

I came out of my tennis retirement on Sunday attending a beginners practice session at Haywards Heath Tennis Club, and seemed quite a good tennis club, if it goes well then hopefully will be back to my old self soon with me trying to get back into athletics as well. Looking forward to the cricket starting up again soon and attending those classic 20Cup matchs whether it is with John Triss, The Crocs, or The Lizards of NSP. Still yet to consider what my first cricket match will be this year mind, bearing in mind I am planning my annual pilgrimage to Eastbourne for the womens tennis event and possibly might do Wimbledon. But will def do a fair few Sussex matchs to see the Champions of England. With the usual visits to Hove and Horsham.

Not had much luck with housing finding out that Sussex Oakleaf in Burgess Hill are doing up their Fairfield Property and that no one will be able to move in until the end of the year. Then again with me possibly doing another year at C. Sussex H.Heath it may be a blessing in disguise, but then again means I am stuck at my present place for a bit longer (DOH). Meanwhile back in gear with homework and should get a lot out the way by Monday. Meanwhile I should get my provisional liesence through the post in the next few weeks, meaning I can go clubbing a lot more.

I will be back at college next week and will give people an insight into a day of the Access course at Haywards Heath, and introduce some fellow students.

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