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Monday, January 31, 2011

31st January 2011

"Is there a football match on today?"

Is the comment of a local girl I walked past as I entered Watford town centre towards Vicarage Road to see Brighton defeat Watford in FA Cup, main highlight included witnessing a small group of Albion fans get drunk out of their heads pre match waiting at Bushey Station with the likelyhood they would not remember a single thing of the match!

Getting lost trying to locate Watford High Street post match and on the train took slightly alternative route via Charing Cross where I encountered this girl in the teletubby outfit you can see in profile picture! All in all a good weekend for Sussex football that sees Brighton in round 5 for the first time since yours truly was a month old baby and play Stoke in a reasonable tie that should not distract from league progress, it also saw Crawley reach the 5th round and will play at Old Trafford! Living in RH10 I wish them well, but not jumping on the Reds bandwagon if anyone was wandering, SEAGULLS FOR LIFE!!! (although there might be that chance I could end up in a Claire McBurnie situation one day. lol)/

I could be making a TV appearance on Meridian as been asked to discuss about the Jedi religion but wondering as a lay Church Of England guy that adopted Jedism for a but of fun if I qualify in reality I have mostly been doing work experience watching Australian Open tennis, and was devastated when I found out a planned Oxfam "Christmas Meal" (we observe the Julian calendar there) at Pizza Express was cancelled for some unknown reason. Plus I had suscess sorting out water bills getting a £64 refund for paying more than I should of, which will go nicely towards clearing debts or buying more Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Meanwhile the last two weeks has witnessed a revolution in the country that inspired one of the Bangles most famous hits! I am not sure if the few contacts I have out there have actively taken part due to Egyptian goverment cutting all internet and phone connections there, but hope my fans out there are well!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18th January 2011

I would like to start by saying, courtesy of an offer from Ben Miller who has pulled out of this event, I would like to say I accept his offer of running in the Brighton Marathon in his place! I have been considering and been doing some little training the last few months planning to come out of long distance running! I will try and step up my training and get prepared as best as I can, it should be fun whilst a good test. More details to come soon!

The last week or so not a lot has gone on in general, the early part of the year is always a bit dead apart from Ray cheering us up at Oxfam! Though been a little bit skint recently (was main reason why I did not take part in some birthday celebrations for some people sorry) but get paid next week and hope to finally step up my adventures in 2011!

I got quite excited about a first round Australian Open match today Hewitt-Nalbandian 9-7 in the fifth I bet the ITF were sweating over the lack of a final set tie break yet again, seems to be the fashion the last year to enjoy first round matchs from Mahut-Isner to Woking VS Brighton!

But that is all I have to say for now, the Knightmare spoof is on the way and will appear the next few days! But people have a good January!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

29th November 2010

am in mourning at Strike Towers, whereas England lost one of its greatest comedians recently in Norman Wisdom, it was Canada's turn when one of my heros and great influences growing up Leslie Nielsen passed away last night! I will never forget the great Naked Gun movies, and will be keen to watch the great movies again.

RIP Legend

Meanwhile I finally managed to win my first ever Quiz Night, at The Greyhound although there was just one other team formed from scratch and the main team that always wins decided to pull out at the last minute. The prize just a foil FA Cup. Apart from the work experience continuing at Oxfam and St Catherines Hospice (where the staff seem to enjoy the way I put away the hangers), not a lot has gone on.

Next month there should be a fair bit about various antics I get up to that includes Christmas partys, 50/50 chance of attending a school reunion, 90's retro theme nights and a wedding reception! Hopefully won't be as skint, then.

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