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Thursday, September 02, 2010

2nd September 2010

Just to start this is the first blog entry on the day I entered Abbotsford School Thursday 2nd September 1993 cant believe it was 17 years ago exactly! Its also nearly 6 months since I moved into Strike Towers with a flat inspection I hope to pass tomorrow!

I have equalled a shameful record held by my mother and Andy Rumble, I got my self stupidly locked out last night, luckily whereas my mother then lived next to a building site and a builder came to the rescue! It was an EDF employee that lived down the street with a ladder that prevented me being out in now cold streets homeless! I have learned some important lessons!

Things at Oxfam are quiet without Colin who is on holiday, while St Catherines Hospice has been fun working under the wing of Slovak Zuzanna hopefullly she has not been caught up in the awful shooting that occured in Bravatislava whilst she was on holiday.

Finally with no decent football for the next two weeks (bar Simon Funnell charity match at Three Bridges FC, and England), I have been getting into the US Open and was saddened by new crush Azarenkas collapse! But anyway have fun people thats all!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18th August 2010

Sadly I had to decline an invitation to a stag night in Hamburg due to money reasons! I would have loved to go, but even more shockingly despite my vast knowledge of the world esp stuff about Germany etc I have never been outside the United Kingdom! Bad I know (sobs) but I will save up to eventually go abroad, but thanks for the invitation and possible ideas to sneak me to Germany Scott McCarthy and Piers Benjamin I appreciate your thoughts!

There is some good news however I have been invitated to do some work experience for St Catherines Hospice starting on Friday. This will continue alongside the current stuff I do at Oxfam though I still regard office admin as my strongest area but not much opportunity’s with that at the moment!

Apart from the football on Saturday meeting a few Albion fans that remarkably grew up on same street as me. Not a lot has generally gone on. The depressing weather and burning a few quid calling the lovely Indra Tola in Kenya has not helped!

Song that sums up my recent thoughts!

Deep Dish Future Of The Future


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10th August 2010

I am delighted the football season has kicked off and looks set to be one of the best and exciting seasons following Brighton for about 5 years now with the new stadium nearly open July 2011 and Gus Poyet building a side that looks capable of being play off contenders! Plus ex Albion star Zamora getting into England squad! Should generally be a fun exciting time as an Albion fan.

I was considering a spoof of Knightmare the last week but quietly scrapping it after a test roleplaying game (it was in the mind and following act not carried out in real life) involving Dan Rolf ended with him and his advisors throwing a empty jar of humbugs filled with p*ss at a boatman that offered them a lift! HUSKPIERPOINT!

Meanwhile work experience has resumed at Oxfam, Crawley with manager Colin randomly testing various strange toys including a Disney kids sound book where you can get it to make exciting sentences involving the word ‘Sticky’, and generally not a lot has gone on apart from attending Pride and due to poor communication on my part (typical of autism), struggled to find the legend that is Helen Trott, but was an OK afternoon otherwise.

Roll on Saturdays!!!

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