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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Happy 10 years facebook/ looking back

So facebook began this time 10 years ago and to celebrate they have done some special app video which looks back at our profiles and selfs as they/ we have evolved over the years. It has some cheesy but good slightly emotional music. I decided to give it a go, where it showed how I have grown since 2007, at the time I joined i was a myspace addict and this page was in its hey day getting more then it does now though Brighton were struggling in League 1 compared to being in the Top 10 of the Championship with 25,000+ crowds on regular basic! So intresting photos to pick out but the video only showed one of me with a celebrity the former ATP tennis star James Blake who I had the good fortune of meeting at the ATP/ WTA pre Wimbledon warmup event at good old Eastbourne by the sea last year! As you see in the photo he makes me look like a dwarf. lol :)


Finally as you see I have slightly tidyed up this page with new profile pic and reduced pointless links, and you can also follow me on twitter as using that more now my account is charlesball86

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

2nd February 2014

I am a bit over the moon as I passed my final test on the European Computer Driving Licence, which means I will be receiving a nice certificate that will come through the post or be given to me. It will be a boost for my career long term and CV! Next I will remain with Rewards Training to continue the more advanced computer course with help and assistance from the lovely tutor Kate Lawrence!

Recently have been getting into the Channel 4 show The Undateables and been interesting watching people of various physical and mental disability's try and find love. As I have aspergers/ mild autism and single I have been following and watching the singletons featured with aspergers/ autism, like Daniel from Brighton (whose father runs a barbers in Broadfield I used to attend when I lived there!), and Richard from Surrey who after having a date stand him up managed to encounter a lovely looking girl for a date even though she was in West London a long way from his 5 mile radius to his home desires for love. It has certainly given me a few ideas in the quest to find a loved one maybe as nice as Gemma Atkinson (my secret old Hollyoaks crush of her has been revived recently by her looking amazing in the USA Pro clothing adverts). You don't have to look as great as Gemma, you can be nice friendly personality, but will be getting in touch with a few dating agancys esp those that can help people with autism/ aspergers though not sure where to start so any times. Plus as of yet although open minded about a future appearance in The Undateables due to recent rumours and demand from some of my friends and fans, I have had no contact or invitation from Channel 4 to appear in the show yet, but lets wait and see! :)

Finally the sport has been a bit of a mix but I have discussed about it so much on my facebook and twitter pages, and the fact at the time of writing the Davis Cup tie between Great Britain and the United States is not quite over I won't bore you with the details this time people! lol But have a good week and its my dads birthday today so I would like to wish him a very happy birthday!  


Saturday, January 25, 2014

25th January 2014

Hello it has been quite a while since I last updated this blog but thinking giving it maybe another go and see how it goes, try and do it fortnightly or monthly! But the start of the year saw me celebrate NYE with the Bryden-Pitt clan at their manor and their friends, a party where it was widely encouraged to wear onesies with most guests with the exception of me and Ray not wearing a onesie, silly party poopers we were, and Colin even braved the slightly gloomy weather at 2.30am to walk with me to the bus stop at Broadfield Barton donning the onesie. Then there was my birthday of the second turning 10 + 18. I have resumed doing my ECDL computer course at Rewards Training passing the Power Point module/test and having to do some theory test next week, and quite happy about the course progress. 

Getting into The Undatables on Channel 4 about people dating with various disabilities especially a guy called Daniel with aspergers/ mild autism from Brighton who seems a bit like me in that he occasionally jumbles the odd word reminding me of not only odd occasions I do that but also that I actually did not speak until I was about 3 years old when little! Just watching the episodes and might write up a more detailed verdict on the show next Thursday when the final episode airs, but reminds me of the little luck I have had with girls so far.

Finally congratulations to my good friend Andy Rumble and his wife Jenny for the birth of their son Bobby (I believe named after the Brighton legend Zamora!). Anyway have a good month people, I am off to enjoy the Australian Open tennis!

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