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Saturday, October 02, 2010

2nd October 2010

Come on you SEAGULLS still top! :)

Anyway not getting to carried away. Been a bit of a mixed last week otherwise! On the positive I have been enjoying a cooking course called Mister Chef which is run at Hazelwick School! It is run by some lovely women called the Impact Tasty Team they come from as far as France, Italy and South Africa. They teach mostly elderly local men, with me being the only young person! But I thought I would join to improve my primitive cooking skills! It seems at the moment I am the star of the show, helping out and playing a key role in cooking out of the guys! It really is beginning to make me realise I am better at cooking than I think I am. I should not be so shy in life! haha I have done home made soup! Plus Spaghetti Bolongase! (sorry for spelling needs editing I know!)

Onto the negatives I have little money which resulted in me being a little late for St Catherines Hospice, and slightly disapointing the wonderful flair Earl Grey tea drinking Zuzanna, then to top it off I had to walk home in the rain, getting soaked yesterday!

Finally a good former neighbour Ken who I rescued from the cold of a ditch about 2 years ago, sadly died from a long illness on Wednesday, he was a good neighbour who kept me upbeat during tough times at Camfield, and will miss him RIP Ken!

But next week will be more work experience, cooking with the Impact Flair Mistresses, pub quiz action with The Captains Table, and possibly REMF, and celebrating 23 years of Scott McCarthy!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

27th September 2010

Have to admit things have been slow and quiet in my life recently hence it took time to respond on this blog.

My search for a open door career wise continues, as the Albion sit proudly at the top of League 1.

I made my pub quiz debut at the Greyhound Inn, Tinsley Green (famous for World Marble Championships), and guided the Captains Table squad to just 3 answers off winning the quiz night but we won some red wine! It was hopefully the beginning of Mr Balls dominance of English pub quizs, and good perparation for the REMF quiz if anyone wants a spare player.

I will continue to keep an eye out for oppertunitys, whilst having to cope being skint this week. Thats life I suppose.

Up next my thoughts on vlogger Hannah Minx.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

8th September 2010

I have decided to give this website a little revamp gone is the picture of the lovely Kim Stolz (who has since reverted to being a Butch girl), the colours and font have been changed, and there is a picture of a character from a TV show, can anyone guess who it is and what show he comes from? Lets see who can answer correctly first!!!

Anyway I have a job interview tomorrow for a nice office admin thingy, will this be my first adventure into a decent full time job? I will find out the next week or so! It was an honour to be a part of the wedding reception for NSP founder Steve and Leigh Valder, who got wed at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton on Saturday, it was nice to see a great turnout of NSP/ Lizard folk. Biggest highlight of the night was certainly Jamie 'Oaf' Van Der Westhuizens performance on stage, he was certainly not in the best of states.


Anyway I hope Mr and Mrs Valder have fun in Kenya which is home to a special girl that is a secret admirer of mine! Finally I made an appearance along with Bruce Wells, at Jubilee Fields (not far from Strike Towers) the home of Three Bridges FC to watch a great charity match between Brighton Legends and P*lace Legends, it was in memory of former Albion striker Simon Funnells daughter Ella who died tragically! The match featured current Albion manager Gus Poyet and Mauracio Taricco playing for the legends. Biggest highlight was seeing Gus nick some chips off a kid near main stand, and Old Abbotsfordian Michael Death looking to throw a Suffolk Punch at anyone who laid a finger on ex Tractor Boys Taricco in a match that Albion legends won 5-3 against their old foe!

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