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Thursday, June 10, 2010

10th June 2010

Its looking more likely I might be drifting back to work. Thanks to Connexions I was shown a nice little IT job which I might get and currently tidying up my CV, in preparation to send it off. I will keep an ear out for other work and currently getting in touch with the jobcentre. Hopefully this will lead to something good!

I had some fun at Audio on Friday Night at the popular Minimal night, that featured popular minimal techno Berlin DJ Steven Beyer.It was a quality night and great to experience a German alternative style club night. Apart from continued research for secret new project (partly involving watching episodes of Knightmare!), not a massive lot has gone on.

Not long to go until England take on the United States of America at the World Cup, and I look forward to the World Cup. I will be watching matches within the comfort of home (with maybe some guests if you are interested in coming along, get in touch!) rather than down a pub with lots of drunk gloryhunting usual Chelski/ Gooner fans that will think a draw with a decent USA is a bad result. The Americans will not be easy they have much improved in football recent years. I for one hope with the BP nonsense we beat them though will take a draw. My predictions are as follows

England 1 USA 1 A nervy start for England but manage to grind out a respectable draw against the colonials!

England 2 Algeria 0

England 4 Slovenia 1

England progress to Round 2 along with most likely our US friends! We progress to the Quarter Finals where our quest ends in yet another penalty competition (provided we don't face Germans in Round 2)!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

2nd June 2010

2nd June 2010


What to say, well I am starting to be clueless about what I want to do with myself. I dont want to be stuck at home twiddling my fingers, I really want to do something. I am currently split between attempting to enter college again go to university studying history to be lecturer now my personal lifes a lot more stable, but with what happened at Haywards Heath will they still doubt me?


Or should I take my diploma in Business Admin (which I gained 2004 despite the college and a silly school tutor suggesting I go for the mediocre Essential Skills course and leaving home), and try and enter the workplace again and do endless free labour work hand smart CVs to places and not really get anywhere. I am depressed by the statistics that only 15% of people on autism/ aspergers syndrome (I have a mild form) are in full time employment.


I really do want something to give me purpose (as someone said in BBCs Autism and Me) in life I dont want to be a scrounger stuck not doing a lot. Provided its reasonable pay to let me do more than I currently do I would be happy with a reasonable office admin data entry job. I know I am a bright lad thats capable, but dont know  what to do. I have tried chatting to Connexions but unsure, and they seem to busy. Should I go to the job centre and enquire there?


Outside that I am looking forward to the Sussexs Twenty Cricket campaign and also the World Cups just ten days away and I will be attending the WTA Eastbourne tennis event, hopefully with fellow fan English born Aussie lover Roger Russell! The Strike Factory celebrations will be low key and not sure how to celebrate this weekend, though it might be with some cool dudes and dudettes, or it might be nothing.  

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Monday, May 17, 2010

17th May 2010

Well congratulations to England (sorry South Africa) winning the Twenty Cricket World Cup, our first ICC approved tournament. It indeed gets me in the mood to attend some Sussex CCC one day matches at Hove and Horsham this year. I have just about everything at home, just need a bigger TV.


The end of season drinks do at the Duke Of Wellington was fun from chants about Andrew Shall, to Jennifer Roberts (yes you get your first mention on this blog now calm down Mrs Rumble!) asking everyone if they voted Conservative at the General ERECTION (sorry Election.) There is investigations over who farted constantly and demolished the pool table, but we think we know who the culprit is.


Finally plans to make Strike Factorys 5th Anniversary are underway with an statement on celebration plans to come next 24 hours on this site.


Plus I have got a project in the pipeline separate from Strike Factory (not the end of this great blog though), that will be a blog/ website to celebrate and pay tribute to classic childrens programs and gamewhow’s from 1980's and 1990's, that will be called Club8090! Out soon and will be up your street.

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