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Friday, November 27, 2009

27th November 2009

Well not a awful lots gone on the last fortnight, partly due to being a wee bit short on cash. But get paid next week and should be out and writing on reports.


My flats taking longer than planned to be finished, with Moat Housing claiming its due to struggling to get workers to refurbish it as busy elsewhere and also partly due to the recession, or is it due to them taking longer so they can get more money? Oh well looks like the latest will be about mid December now.


Only highlight this week has been the O2 World Tennis Championships, seeing this fine tournament in England for the first time, and seeing the likes of Federer and Murray in action (as I write Murray has been knocked out from group stages sadly).


Should have much more news next week esp regarding flat!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11th November 2009

This blog entry comes on the day Britain, its Commonwealth allies and others mark not just the end of World War I but the soldiers that have fought and died in all conflicts since! Respect!


I attended Lindfield’s Bonfire Parade instead of Lewes this year due to the fears of not being able to get out of Lewes after the fun and the visa system for non Lewes District residents. Only blow was a friend who was not able to make an appearance at the Witch Inn, so was stuck alone. Doh. But it was a fun evening, got a few photos as well which are on right hand side of screen.


Meanwhile I am still doing work experience at Oxfam in Crawley, and promise to get some photos of life there next week. I am putting general work searching on hold until I am settled at new flat.  


Finally I have been amazed and excited at the prospect Gus Poyet from the fine Uruguay the nation that won the first ever world up, is taking charge as manager of Brighton and Hove Albion. Hopefully he can sort the team out and lead it into a new direction. Hopefully I will welcome Gus at Withdean

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Monday, November 02, 2009

2nd November 2009

Well I have still been waiting for news on the new location of Strike Towers, its taking time due to postal strike and work that needs to be done on the flat. Meanwhile I am undecided about whether to go to Lewes or Lindfield bearing in mind the restrictions on Lewes for this year like less trains going in and out of Lewes and the fact non Lewes Distict residents need special visas to enter the Lewes District from Wivelsfield in the west Falmer in the South, and Glyde in the east!


Main thing that’s shocked me is this. Now I am not really into X Factor, but have been shocked that the main groups people have been joining the last week have been mostly anti John and Edward groups.


I just got thinking surely there is better groups than that to join, there is more things to worry about in the country world than a pair of twins winning a show. Should they just campaign for another person to win rather than a massive anti campaign, or are those contestants equally naff if not more?


It reminds me of those British and European Left Wing campaigners a few years ago going out to the USA to campaign against Bush getting reelected and in fact ended up making Americans more vote Bush rather than John Kerry or other candidates.


In fact I think I want the twins to win so they are a one hit wonder X Factor loses cred and eventually the show ends up in the bin like Big Brother and its ancestor Opportunity Knocks! TV channels have more money then to actually produce decent shows, and less talentless rubbish in music.


Finally has anyone tried the Skor chocolate bar, give it a go if you want, but warning it turned one of my good female friends into this!




Note profile with biography updated also!

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