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Monday, July 30, 2007

30th July 2007

Strike Factory has run into financial problems after its president and chairman Charles Ball, managed to buy DC United, only to realise that he has got himself millions into the red as a result, but at least he owns a fine Major League Soccer outfit. Ha Ha

 On a more serious not, I have run into some serious financial mess caused partly by the manager of Camfield not informing me of some overpayments that were delayed that I could have payed much earlier meaning I would have been out of the red much sooner, rather than now as out a lot for summer. Plus Nationwide bank who are trying to charge me £60 for 2 cheques that bounced when I panicked about paying my rent. Though it is also a fault on my part as well. Hopefully this mess should get sorted the next few days as rather getting worried about it.

Meanwhile I have aqquired the skills of Brightonian Simon Tipple to help me with the sister site Seagulls Nest, as part of my plan to improve the coverage of the Seagulls on the Rivals.net based site.

My celebrations of Falmer after hearing the news from Kathryn Langley and her news team at Southern FM. apart from playing Strike - U Sure Do at full blast so loud that apparently the clowns at Falmer complained despite being about 20 miles away from Crawley, were low key. In the evening I did not go out deciding to be boring and watch Titanic and enjoy some White Grape Juice with neighbour Hayley Merle.

On Sunday I played in the NSC 6-a side tournament. Signing up to play for NSC Select at Preston Park in Brighton. I played a key role in the team maintaining a thrilling 3-3 draw against the mighty Brazil that featured the legendary Ben Miller with his Rotherham Sambo style. I played a key role in the centre of the park, though special praise goes to Jamie Van Der Westhuizen, for his entertaining legendary saves that would have made Giovani Buffon proud, not forgetting the goals by Kevin Ticehurst and Simon Tipple. All in all, that would be the only game that the NSC Select would gain a point as they would lose the other three games to the Crocs (minus Scott McCarthy), AITC, and the Exiles. Crowhurst eventully ended up winning everything, in the tournament. Though AITC VS Sporting was also a classic this semi final match, saw the likes of Simon Barrett and Richie Morris, topple and give the Albion In The Community Coachs red faces, as they edged the coachs who would go home crying after thinking they would win the tournament in this classic David and Golaith affair. The final however was a dull affair.     


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Monday, July 23, 2007

23rd July 2007

I did go to Worthing a few weeks ago, sorry for lack of updates have been trying to sort out minor financial crisis I have run into due to various reasons. It was a fab day out, with the likes of Ben Miller, Andy Rumble and Matt Martindale. I finally met Gina Di Marino, who reminded me of how long it will be before I erase my twin sister from Albion fans folklore. Plus I did manage to attend Worthing museum, meaning that only Chichester and Eastbourne museums are the only ones yet to be visited by Mr Ball.

After the game it was off to Worthing for some post match drinks and being destroyed at pool after playing matchs against Andy Rumble and Ben Miller, then it was off to The Exchange in Hove. Where three hours of drinking fun along with photos courtesy of Brett Mendoza, were enjoyed. Also present were legends Andy Rumble, his other half, Judy Garland, Piers Benjamin, and Ben Miller. We enjoyed cheesy 80's music, as well as Rumbles beloved KLF with a bit of dance music flavour. I had the misfortune of having to have my dinner outside the pub, though luckily no smokers were out in force to enforce their smoke on me. There was plenty of fun to be had on Deal or No Deal, though on both occasions, when Charles attempted, along with Ben Miller, Mr & Mrs Rumble, not forgetting Piers, we won 0p. So could not carry on the luck I had when I won £7 at Top House in Burgess Hill earlier this year.

Afterwards it was off to Brighton and a night of clubbing at Audio seeing the lovely Scarlett Etienne, what a night, it was the cream of the icing to see a lovely female DJ in action. Apart from not having much money, I have been watching the legendary Brook Street on the sidelines awaiting my full debut which should be Thursday (weather permitting).

My move to Burgess Hill looks a step closer. With Sussex Oakleaf inviting me for a interview should a vacancy arise at their Fairfield Road residences. If the interview goes well I could be a Burgess Hillian by the end of the year. Yippee.

Meanwhile I will leave you of some pictures Brett took of me and others on that memorable night at the Exchange in Hove.


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Saturday, July 07, 2007

7th July 2007

Well I have been busy the last few days, with me finishing the last day of college at Haywards Heath and won't be back until September. I attended the Sussex VS Hampshire game on Friday with some of the NSP crew, and was a fab evening. Meanwhile I have decided to go to Worthing VS Albion instead of Bognor VS Albion as being offered a free lift to Worthing, courtesy of my neighbours fancying a day out in Worthing. Will be attending with new neighbour Hayley Merle. Plus I am in a bit of a financial mess is the other reason I can't make Boggy. Finally I did make a appearance on BBC SCR yesterday, appearing about 3:15pm, to promote the save Eastbourne Tennis cause. Hopefully a proper website for the campaign will be set up soon.

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