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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

18th April 2007

Well I suscessfully managed my visits of Crawley, Brighton and Hove museums you may see the reports right now. Meanwhile I returned to college on Monday. I will be attending the REMF football training on Friday. To get into the team.

I have done some revision with this site a little there are now pictures of my museum adventures in the museum gallery section. Also the Profile section of Strike Factory has been adjusted with more info about the history and the origins of this site that go as far back as 1996 and Burgess Hill. Plus I hope you enjoy reading the visits on the museums, and feel free to post comments on the entrys.

Meanwhile still training sports wise. Focusing a lot on college at the mo, and currently researching infomation on private rent to see if its viable and suitable for me. After the recent blows trying the housing and council way of getting out of Crawley (though still not ruling the Sussex Oakleaf in Burgess just means I will have to wait until the end of the year if I wanted to go for it). Though researching and not rushing into anything, If anyone has any infomation on private rent the good and bad things please let me know. Just checking to see if its a possible alternative for me.

I can't believe it but I intended not to sign up to anymore sites such as beebo, or facebox after pressure from a few friends (one of which is a former flatmate and will be kept anonyous), I have gone further into the geeky world of the internet and signed up to Facebox NNNNNOOOOOOO!. But does not look a bad site to be fair feel free to add me once I get link when i have more time.


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