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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

16th October 2007

What a last week, I headed off to Kulture (formerly the Standard where my parents used to enjoy drinks) in Brighton, to watch the mighty England beat the Frogs, alongside Andy Rumble and co, we had a few drinks celebrating and listening to dance classics like Everything But The Girl - Missing. Meanwhile quote of the week comes from a text sent by Brett Mendoza to everyone in Sussex.

Vsnessa Paradis, Theirry Henry, Shabal, Anelka, Napoleon, Charles De Gaulle, Nicole and Papa, your boys took one hell of a beating one hell of a beating.

Afterwards I could not find Rumble due to my mobile being gay, and headed to the Concorde for the Saturday Breakdown house/ techno/ electro music thing. Meanwhile, my move to Burgess Hill, looms nearer, waiting for the call to tell me I can move away from Creepy Crawley.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

9th October 2007

The last two weeks have seen a rapid increase of homework for Mr Ball. At times I can manage to get through some of the work. But at times it can leave me disturbingly brain dead. Luckily I have got on with most of the new students especially fellow Seagull fan Neil Sonsthagen, whose surname gets mistakenly classed as from Deutchland, when it is in reality a Norwegian surname. The old faces Gail and Cat being inspirational figures for the new students much like myself. Not forgetting Cr*ydon girl Sam Page, thinking Ravers are Quavers, Typical.

I was out in Brighton just over a week ago, venturing into the new Club HQ behind London Road, which was a nice little pub despite the fact it was quiet. I loved the wide variety of different people in the club, but are all friendly and a good laugh at the same time. I encountered the legendary Kate Olding, before heading to Audio for a night of class House, Techno, and the odd Old Skool Hardcore tune, esp the tasty blonde female DJ towards the end of the night.

Apart from that I have been skint the last week or so, it has resulted in me not getting out much, apart from my return to athletics at Haywards Heath Harriers.

Anyway I will be hoping to put in a guest apparence at the launch of the new Oceana nightclub on Thursday, though may not be a reguar at this club in the future just going for curiousity.  

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26th September 2007

In the last week, I have been settling down into college life, only annoying things are I have not got my Sussex Student Travel card sorted out, until today meaning it looks like Mr Ball have to spend the early part of the year paying for my travel expenses to Haywards Heath, plus I have found out the move to Burgess Hill may take a bit longer, due to the place still not completed its refurbishment work.

I was unsurprisingly delighted with Sussex winning the County Championship over the weekend, toasting the suscess with a fine white grape juice bottle with neighbours. Along with history and sociology, I am also attempting to retake my GCSE in maths as back in 2002 I got robbed of a C grade in my GCSE due to being given the wrong paper, in my final days as a School pupil, although to be accruate I only just missed out on a C by a few marks.

Please stick with me as things may take a bit longer with this site due to the ton of homework I am about to receive but I will document on the adventures I have away from work as soon as possible.

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