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Sunday, March 29, 2009

29th March 2009

Sorry about not bothering to update this site in the last month or so. This is due to some issues that I have been sorting out, meanwhile. I am intending to hopefully study Access at Lewes after attending the open day after Haywards Heath decided against giving me a third year, and suggesting some mediocre course to do at Brighton to lead to access course.

I attended Mark Potters birthday celebrations in Brighton, with lots of highlights ranging from spotting a Gary Hart lookalike, and messing about with signs.

Meanwhile been listening to some great Breakbeat albums, I recently purchased a few years old called Breakbeat Bass 1 and 2 also been listening to the new Prodigy album until an old neighbour left with it with it still amongst her stuff when moving out, will chase her up for it back.

Hopefully Russell Slade can pull off a amazing unthinkable survival bid with Albion the next month, though there is also the cricket season coming up soon along with the annual visit to Eastbourne for the fine tennis event, and maybe Wimbledon this year. Keep in touch





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Monday, February 09, 2009

9th February 2009

Hello sorry for taking ages to respond. Just to start off I urge Burgess Hill Town Council to get in touch with the local goverment in Burbank, California. The main reasons I recommend Burgess Hill to twin with the American town to add to the links with the French and German towns they are already twinned with, is that they were both towns me and my US online pen pal Ashley Ingram, were educated in both, and both despite growing a fair bit since World War II, they are still fine examples of small towns in England and the US (although Burbank has pop 100,000 compared to BHs 30,000 in US terms it is a small town). Also they are pretty close to fine citys Brighton and Los Angeles (just 5 minutes from Hollywood), but keep their unique character. Will get in touch with local councils the next few days with the idea.

Talking of Burgess Hill I returned to the town yet again for a school reunion at a fine pub just accross the road from the former Abbotsford School, having drinks with lots of old faces pupils and teachers and making it still feel like yesterday I left the school. There was the legendary teachers Francis Fahey, the legend Chris James and his assistant Nick Taylor, the teacher that encountered Mr Ball on his first day at the school way back in 1993 Mr Graham Jenkins, and of course the fine family that made Abbotsford School a suscess before leaving the Moxons (Peter, Anne and daughter Jenny).  

I also would like to thank Ben Miller, Eddie Biddle and Paul Hayward for some fine night outs in Brighton the last month with the birthday celebrations at the indie night at Digital and then sampling legend Grooverider and some Japanese Electro House.

Finally I plan to return to college next year to study history and hopefully with more support from close friends getting right pass to uni and hopefully teach.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

2nd January 2009

Would like to wish readers a happy new year. I turn 23 years old today, and mourning the demise of my local Woolworths (Crawley), that closes officaly for good today unless it closed early due to lack of stock. Hopefully will get some work soon, really mean the start of things. Anyway off out tonight and will write up details of my birthday and produce photos.

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