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Thursday, June 10, 2010

10th June 2010

Its looking more likely I might be drifting back to work. Thanks to Connexions I was shown a nice little IT job which I might get and currently tidying up my CV, in preparation to send it off. I will keep an ear out for other work and currently getting in touch with the jobcentre. Hopefully this will lead to something good!

I had some fun at Audio on Friday Night at the popular Minimal night, that featured popular minimal techno Berlin DJ Steven Beyer.It was a quality night and great to experience a German alternative style club night. Apart from continued research for secret new project (partly involving watching episodes of Knightmare!), not a massive lot has gone on.

Not long to go until England take on the United States of America at the World Cup, and I look forward to the World Cup. I will be watching matches within the comfort of home (with maybe some guests if you are interested in coming along, get in touch!) rather than down a pub with lots of drunk gloryhunting usual Chelski/ Gooner fans that will think a draw with a decent USA is a bad result. The Americans will not be easy they have much improved in football recent years. I for one hope with the BP nonsense we beat them though will take a draw. My predictions are as follows

England 1 USA 1 A nervy start for England but manage to grind out a respectable draw against the colonials!

England 2 Algeria 0

England 4 Slovenia 1

England progress to Round 2 along with most likely our US friends! We progress to the Quarter Finals where our quest ends in yet another penalty competition (provided we don't face Germans in Round 2)!

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