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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Statement

Hello readers well its been a very mixed year, with some highs and some lows. The highs including finishing college and would love to thank all the staff at Central Sussex Haywards Heath College for all the hard work and looking out for me, despite not doing quite what planned there. I gave up Seagulls Nest the start of the year but then returned when I was in a better state of mind.

Intresting highlights include, the Brighton Black Rock Rave, Dan Rolfs shirt getting ripped by a girl at Revenge, finishing college, playing Emo Soccer with my little sister online on Christmas Day, attending McCarthy Industries BBQ.

Credit Crunch has been tough for everyone with me its hit me job wise though moneywise ok at the mo, its hitting everyone around the world at the moment. I hope to get some work in the new year and start a new chapter in my life. Plus wanting to go to more gigs and music events and got the money to do this, plus will be returning to sport esp long distance running and will keep Seagulls Nest up to scratch.

 Happy Christmas and Happy New Year everyone

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

11th December 2008

Firstly I would like to praise my good old friend Richie Morris for upsetting the BNP in Hastings. LOL Although personally I think the best way to deal with the BNP clowns is not giving them the press they deserve. Especially the grief I have had from BNP people in the past when I was running a UKIP myspace group with a few idiots from their party spamming and posting nonsense in the group.

Plus the fact I live in a town where sadly they do have a fair bit of support from the mostly white working class that live in the town, shouting racist won't just work to do away with the BNP but also exposing their other unrealistic and mad policys regarding the economy etc, hopefully they will fall apart and fragment much like the National Front did after the 1980's, and exposing the fact they are a party that are prone to fall outs, and hypocrisy (like the membership being exposed when they have taken membership details of other partys in the past).


There is the article anyway. Enjoy

Meanwhile I have been lazing about and jobsearching, plus trying to escape from Andy Rumble and Brett Mendozas secret attempt to sacrifice me at Devils Dyke in a better version of Lewes bonfire celebration on NYE after I received an call from someone wanting to keep their identity secret claiming it will happen.

Plus I am trying to find out who pretended to be a Splash FM presenter in a prank call to me the other day, be warned I will find out who you are.

As for music been listening to a mix of Daft Punk, Ting Tings, Creamfields 10 years, and The Presets recommended by the legendary Buzzer. Plus despite the Seagulls disapointing season will be off to Shrewsbury for the JP Trophy match on Tuesday be my first Albion away game of the season and expect a special report on the fine Shropshire town.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

4th December 2008

Well just about 3 weeks until Christmas. I am making my own plans for my own Christmas wonderland, which will be held at Strike Towers. It will be bigger, better and more hilarious than the one at Dorset. To be revealed soon. I went for my interview at EDF Energy sadly I did not hear anything, so will have to try and search again.

Other than that not a great amount has gone on the last few weeks, though I will be traveling to Shrewsbury to watch the under performing Albion in action, with a review and pictures of the ground. Plus I have been in mourning at the demise of the old flumes at the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove, a childhood haunt of mine (though went on them once). More news will be coming up soon

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