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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18th August 2010

Sadly I had to decline an invitation to a stag night in Hamburg due to money reasons! I would have loved to go, but even more shockingly despite my vast knowledge of the world esp stuff about Germany etc I have never been outside the United Kingdom! Bad I know (sobs) but I will save up to eventually go abroad, but thanks for the invitation and possible ideas to sneak me to Germany Scott McCarthy and Piers Benjamin I appreciate your thoughts!

There is some good news however I have been invitated to do some work experience for St Catherines Hospice starting on Friday. This will continue alongside the current stuff I do at Oxfam though I still regard office admin as my strongest area but not much opportunity’s with that at the moment!

Apart from the football on Saturday meeting a few Albion fans that remarkably grew up on same street as me. Not a lot has generally gone on. The depressing weather and burning a few quid calling the lovely Indra Tola in Kenya has not helped!

Song that sums up my recent thoughts!

Deep Dish Future Of The Future


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