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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

4th March 2008

Well been a very mixed last week for me. Firstly been a bit down in the last weeks partly due to my hopeful move to a supported housing thingy in Burgess Hill collapsing, and being skint.  Which led to me falling behind with my college work and nearly quitting the course yesterday. Luckily I have found out the last few days that Sussex Oakleaf have apologized to me, for making an error that I am suitable for the scheme, just that due to the fact I don't live in the Mid Sussex area I have lower priority than residents that live in the Mid Sussex area. I have been invited up for a interview in May and hopefully will see what happens.

Meanwhile I am staying on board at Haywards Heath College (or Central Sussex Haywards Heath). I attened the Hot Chip on Thursday at the Corn Exchange luckily paying just £15 (courtesy of Ben Miller) to see electro indie at its best.

Aside struggling to update this website, due to college commitments, I will be attending Zapback a old skool event at the Concorde2, then I will be off to The Apollo in London next Wednesday, seeing the likes of the legendary N-Trance in action at a Clubland gig.

Still not got around to sorting out media extra work but more details will be coming soon.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

19th February

Well I have been a busy bunny the last week, I have been moving rooms where I live. In addition to catching up with college work, which I hope to be up to date with by the time I return to college next week.

I have signed up to do some tv and film extra work for a laugh, I decided it would be one of my challenges at the start of the year, to try and at least be a extra on a tv soap, programme, movie, or even a music video with some lovely women. I have signed with a website, and will let you know how it gets on.

Meanwhile I attended a singles night at the Victory Inn, in Brighton on Thursday courtesy of the legendary Brazillian Cleria Humphries, I got in for free, and met some lovely girls, and had plenty of fun. It is early days yet but I will be attending the next night next month.

As for the tennis petition it has reached over 700 members, lets keep on signing the petition.

Some pictures regarding my visit to Eastbourne Town FC, and Three Bridges FC ground will be shown tomorrow, along with a picture of 3 mystery young guys outside Eastbourne Station in weird masks, more details coming up tomorrow. 

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

9th February 2008

I have felt the need to update this website in the light of some recent events the last few days, although NSP, and Strike Factory mentioned about the Burgess Hill School Girls video a few days before the local and NATIONAL media exposed it. Credit goes to Peter Chapman and his WONDERFUL Burgess Hill Uncovered Website, for bring to light the video first. But the video has gained some exposure, with it getting mentions in the local Argus Mid Sussex Leader, and has even gained a mention in the Sun. It has been reported in the Argus by the legendary Simon Barrett.  

 Sadly, the media didn't mention Burgess Hill Uncovered or Strike Factory, althought Bright FM did reference 'A local website'.

Meanwhile a campaign that was started by my good self and Strike Factory, has come back to life, the Save Eastbourne Tennis campaign. Following the Lawn Tennis Assocations decison to announce if they are going to move the tournament to London or not, Strike Factory is actively campaigning for people to sign the petition, and possibly join the Save Eastbourne Tennis group, if they are on Facebook. We are aiming to get over a 1,000 signatures which will be handed over to the LTA at the end of the month. This campaign managed to get some local coverage when it started off, but stalled mostly due to the LTA possibly for a reason, keeping it quiet until March, anyway for more details. Sign the petition at this website.


Facebook Group can be found here


Meanwhile I would like to grant a special apology to Richard Morris, for not mentioning the WONDERFUL discussion we had last week at the Basketmakers arms in Brighton. Discussing about the wonderful Happy Mondays, and hairstyles. It was a experience, Richie.

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