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Monday, December 17, 2007

17 December 2007

I have been very busy until last Friday due to end of college term. Hence this site being quiet the last fortnight. It has been a combination of increased homework, problems with my revamped football site, and sorting out my move to Burgess Hill which looks likely to happen at February at the latest.

Although I did manage to have fun with Ben Miller, Andy Rumble and two gay friends (can't remember their names) on Friday night. At the Pitcher and Piano, saw me attempt to very nearly pull some lovely northern girls (Mansfield), one made out to be a opera singer which later proved to be nonsense. I also demonstrated some music on my laptop, namely Hardcore Breaks and Cascada ( I seem to have a thing for the delightful Anglo-German lady at the mo.). After a few drinks I accidently got the wrong cab and found myself near George Street in Hove, after a brief snooze at a church I walked to Brighton Station got a takeaway, and ended up paying a bomb for a cab from Three Bridges Station to get me home.

Not a lot has gone on due to saving money, apart from the class show I watched with Miller, and the end of College term drinks at the Burrell Arms, with Sam Page, Jane Wells, and Tilly.

The night up is coming up end of the week. Though the fashion shoot is being postponed as Mr Ball needs to put on a bit of weight due to recent stress.



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Monday, December 03, 2007

3rd December 2007

Mr Ball is currently busy sorting out a lot of homework, revamping the Seagulls Nest website, with new business partner James Foster. In addition to having to go to a interview, for a supported housing scheme in Burgess Hill. Plus having to possibly wait another 2 months (or a million years), to find out if I will find out if I am moving out of Camfield and Crawley. Very frustrating.

However there is some great news. Such as the Strike Factory Pub Crawl coming up the last weekend before Christmas, most likely to revolve around Brighton or Burgess Hill. We will visit some of the coolest pubs and end it with some fun at a club RAVING it up. Anyones free to come and pictures and a report will be stuck on the site, with a range of antics mentioned. Even some of the most hilarious quotes may get a mention. Feel free to come.

Meanwhile, along with Charles's Fashion guide, he has aqquired the services of a lovely girl called Chelsea, fresh from 7 years in Turkey, and now living in Gods County Sussex. (albeit Creepy Crawley). She will be the main model to Mr Balls fashion guide, and will take photos herself. So watch this space.

Meanwhile praise goes to Albion for their recent form, which sees them now pushing for a play off spot. In addition to being 5 Rounds from playing in the final at Wembley.

Anyway I am off look after yourselfs, and watch out for that banana skin next to your chair.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

21st November 2007

Been busy the last week, with homework, and reporting a incident on Wednesday, when a drunk Spurs fan, shouted abuse and pushed me about (though I did use self defence very well) at Ifield Station. Luckily he has been reported to British Transport Police. Though the incident has shaken me up a bit. His attempt to beat up Mr Ball failed, as I walked off without a scratch. But makes me more determined to move out of Creepy Crawley. Meanwhile I had a fun day out in East London/ Essex on Saturday traveling to where David Beckham grew up, Leytonstone to see Albion get a impressive draw against the O's. A review will come up in the next few days. I also went to Withdean to see them win in the FA Cup against Cheltenham.

Meanwhile now I have got a camera phone I will be taking pics, for the fashion section, mostly male fashion. I might have a female fashion section. Any girls that are intrested, please let Mr Ball know. Will entertain the blokes on here. No porno pictures please though.

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