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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

9th July 2008

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Plus see if you can beat my mighty Crazy Ravers there will be a nice prize for the winner of the competition which I will keep a mystery.

Meanwhile Mr Ball has just about completed his college course, though it looks unlikely I will be attending the University of Sussex to study history. However fear not, I will find something hopefully. At least the benefits are I will not drift off into mountains of debt. I would like to thank the NSP crew for their support, and will do my best to continue fighting off the depression.

So looks like it will be a summer of jobhunting, cricket, and fun nights at Audio. Plus I am currently fighting my bank who have charged me up to 40 pounds all over a transaction that was only a pound.

Have a good summer and there will be new pictures coming up, and this site is currently going through a revamp, with the weblinks being updated as some were dead, or needed a new link (as in the case of North Stand Polls).

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

28th June 2008

Afternoon people the lack of updates has been largely due to Mr Ball being busy with his homework, plus being distracted (not just by Natalie Horler) by the British tennis season, and the odd Euro 2008 match.

 Mr Ball finishes his homework over the weekend marking the end of the college year so the holiday season begins for Mr Ball, who will be making a guest appearance at Jared Evans birthday party tomorrow, in return for Jared Evans appearance at the one and only Strike Factory Beach Cup last year.

Sadly due to Nationwide charging Mr Ball an outrageous penalty fare for accidently going over the overdraft limit, it has ended Charles Balls hopes of European adventure in 2008, so it will have to be a UK tour sadly adventures in certain parts of the UK. Mr Ball has plans to visit his old school headmaster the legendary Mr Peter Moxon and his wonderful wife Anne Moxon.

In addition Mr Ball will be once or twice a month raving in a different areas of the South of England, starting at Brighton, Mr Ball will experience clubbing at Worthing courtesy of old schoolmate Eddie Biddle, Eastbourne, and possibly other areas of Sussex, if you fancy showing Mr Ball the wonderful nightlife in your area whether in Sussex or outside get in touch via the comments section and I will respond.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Mr Charles Ball, is trying to study, and has decided that as the internet is such a great distraction for people at times he is for a uncertain period of time not going to use it. It distracts in dangerous and disturbing ways. Much like getting RAPED. This may or may not be the last time you hear from Mr Charles Ball. Its been a great pleasure entertaining you lot and I will be back soon, but won't confirm the time or date.

Good day everyone, watch out for the banana skin near you. Mr Charles Ball is going AWOL! 


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