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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

14th April 2015

The weather is lovely outside, and makes me want the football season to end as soon as possible so can enjoy the cricket and the tennis when the grass court season comes to England as soon as possible. To be honest have been a little bit quiet the last 2 weeks keeping busy with work experience and undertaking an accounting course for non accountants, adding that to my list of various skills that including blogging, office assistant/ admin, shop assistant, sportsman, historian etc just fancy training as an actor (though unlikely I will be professional.). 

So the next week I will be waiting for news on my receptionist application at Rewards Training, travelling to Wigan to watch Brighton and Hove Albion play there (my first away Albion match since the glorious win at Pompey in August 2011), possibly stopping off at Manchester on the way and maybe running the risk of being chased by some certain lovely female stalkers up there. Other than that will be cautious with funds due to annoying mess up of phone bills by 3, enjoy the sun people. :)


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Sunday, April 05, 2015

5th April 2015

Greetings would like to confirm that I have applied for receptionist job at Rewards Training where I did my I.T computer training last year, will have to wait 3 weeks before I find out if I am successful or have interview, with the volunteering experience at Crawley CVS coming in handy and will have time to still volunteer at CVS whilst helping out Rewards Training. :)

Had a great evening at The Hub on Thursday seeing ace local Brighton dance act Freemasons perform in this fine bar, performing hits such as Russell Smalls old group the legendary Phat's And Small 'Turn Around' as well as hits by Freemasons like 'Love On My Mind' 'Uninvited' and Rhythm Is Rhythm 'Strings Of Life; was packed in this small venue but enjoyed it. 

I have helped fellow tennis fan Simon Cardy set up a blog about tennis called Smash Gazette smashgazette.blogspot.com, it will be mostly updated by Simon and one or two others, and I get the time will add the odd piece and hoping to meet Simon for a drink or two when Brighton visit Wigan later this month.

Plus finally will be looking at the dating market, I am happy being single but with recent increased confidence will be starting to look out for that girl out there. Happy Easter, and lets hope the 2nd quarter of 2015 is better than the first.  

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Friday, March 20, 2015

20th March 2015

So in the last week, I have started applying for the odd office admin job though still fully commited helping people out at Crawley CVS and occasionally the local Oxfam shop. I attended the Hassocks Fatboys FC Quiz at the Keymer & Hassocks Sports and Social club, where me, Mark Potter and Kathryn Anderson managed to form a team of 5 from scratch. Overall managed to come from being joint bottom halfway. to finish joint 4th, not a bad effort considering the team joint last with us went on to win the whole pub quiz, Doh. Plus the other highlights were allegations certain teams had more members than they should have but they still failed to win, a mini riot also occured in the aftermath. Plus not forgetting the bloke who donated £20 to the raffle and ended up winning most of the Raffle Prizes, along with then winning the Brighton and Hove Albion shirt auction even though he was an Arsenal fan. Then to finally rub salt into the wound I had to share a train from Hassocks back to Three Bridges with the winning team, though they are a decent bunch of people really. haha The quiz ended up raising over £300 for both The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well as Hassocks Fatboys, well done to everyone. 

So as for me in the next week, will hopefully be making my Wembley debut the end of next week for England Vs Lithuania, and making plans for Strike Factorys 10 anniversary celebrations in late May, more details will emerge soon.

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