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Saturday, January 30, 2016

30th January 2016

I had the honour of attending the National Television Awards at the o2 in London on 20th January and met up with fellow former Abbotsford pupil Colin Smith and his family. I attended as a spectator as no awards for best bloggers yet and still not set up video blogging account yet. I sat next to lovely couple on highest tier (due to getting cheapest tickets), discovering we were all children of Spandau Ballet fans when they got excited about Martin Kemp popping up on stage to present award. Overall was fun evening, made better by seeing former Burgess Hill School pupil Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield hungover on National Television the next day.

I have been busy with volunteering work at Crawley CVS helping out the New Premises Officer and doing best to look out for her. Plus being mega busy at Oxfam Crawley helping out George Thacker on Saturday with Brighton not playing in football.

Finally been this nice female employee I have encountered one or two times at the Wilko store in Crawley, however on a visit this week to purchase something she came upstairs just after me, and when I went to purchase back downstairs she popped up on the busy tills. Sadly customer she was dealing with was slow and another member of staff dealt with me instead, so could not speak to her. But I left wandering if A) Pure coincidence she popped up where I went in shop B) I am just one of her fave customers or C) maybe something more but as I am asperger guy not easy to judge girls sometimes, your thoughts below.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

11th January 2016

Never thought a blog post (my first since Christmas 2015) would coincide with the death of English music legend David Bowie. One of the biggest music icons this nation has produced and although I was not massively into David Bowie I did love a few of his songs like Ashes To Ashes and the Ziggy Stardust work, there won't be another like him.

It has been a slightly busy first 2 weeks of 2016 for me with my 30th birthday celebrations. On New Years Day I marked the occasion with friends at The Amex seeing the Albion narrowly lose to Wolves but not before being presented with a Ball-30 Albion shirt by the GDC gang at half time and after the match had some post match drinks with the gang, and the next day on the 2nd I went to my parents house and celebrated with family. It was a great weekend and nice to know I have plenty of friends and family that care for me even when I go through stressful patches and thank you all for making my birthday a great occasion.

Last week it was all change at Crawley CVS as my boss Michael Simpson as Premises and Resources Officer has decided to move on from this role to pastures new. He has been a great influence on me since I started here last year and taught me plenty of things and helped me integrate into the work group . Everyone at Crawley CVS held a farewell party and I wish him best of luck for the future and looking forward to working with the new Premises and Resources Officer a lady called Sam, plus encountering old and new challenges.

Having to take things a bit easy job searching wise with leaving the Work Choice group as it was stressing me out a bit much, and just getting 1 to 1 help from jobcentre for time being.





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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

So coming towards the end of 2015 the year of my blogs 10th anniversary and has mostly been a year of positive progress. Towards end of this time last year, with warehouse job not working out and seemingly stuck with just volunteering at Oxfam shop and blogging, I felt a bit lost in direction and a little lonely. However a volunteering opportunity at Crawley CVS sprouted up which I jumped at, and I started there in January. I have now been here for almost a year as voluntary front desk assistant and enjoyed the experience working alongside great people, gaining confidence, new skills and friends. This has lead to other opportunities including the temp leisure desk role via Talented People Solutions which has also been a great experience, and Cv booster, meaning like Brighton & Hove Albion FC, my life has come leaps and bounds. I would like to thank Michael Simpson for the opportunity who will be sadly leaving Crawley CVS early next year for pastures new but would like to wish him best of luck for the future. 

2015 has seen a bit less clubbing than I would have liked due to money reasons and friends around me getting too 'old' maybe though still had the odd cracking night like seeing Phats & Small/ Freemasons perform in Brighton and weekend in capital of Madchester/ Hacienda enjoying great House music night at Hold Fast bar with clubbers embracing me there and great music. The Christmas parties with Crawley CVS and GDC have also been great, as was the Abbotsford School Reunion being reminded of past antics and meeting friendly old faces. Hopefully 2016 will also be a year of positive progress starting with my 30th birthday early next year, and more career opportunities and the elusive girl in my life maybe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year readers.


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