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Monday, October 27, 2014

27th October 2014

Well its been a week since starting full time employment at Gate Gourmet in Gatwick and has been an interesting experience though not been easy and a little bit stressful as trying to find a routine in the first week that I am comfortable with and settle into. It was a very similar story to when I was employed as a fresh faced 16 year old at Sports Soccer Crawley (now Sports Direct), whilst finishing my GCSE's, I was not exactly Employee Of The Month in the eyes of staff members I worked with in my first few shifts I was there, but then I did not give up and my dedication (with the old Record Breakers theme from CBBC playing in my head helped sometimes), and kept plugging away until about a month later I settled making less mistakes and speeding up gradually in getting stock out to the shop floor as well as becoming the sole air pumper of footballs, basketballs in the back room (living up to the Ball surname), sticking to a regular Charles Ball schedule eventually worked and Sports Soccer benefited from my part time work and long commitments in summer holidays for about 18 months and made good long term friendships with staff members. So like then not giving up, and believe I will get there.

Whilst not enjoying watching Brighton and Hove Albion recently, I have been enjoying the spoof online Neighbours Vs Zombies that sees returns from popular Noughties BBC era characters that died like Drew Kirk, Stingray Timmins (who although died at a time youtube existed in 2007 was not apparently aware of its existance), David Bishop, along with the recent Robbo Slade who caused a bit of a storm in Ramsay Street last year. Sadly not much in the way of popular sexy female returnees like Dee Bliss (producers possibly still holding out for a crazy potty Harold Bishop style comeback in main show though this spin off is non canonical), Kate Ramsay, Madge Bishop or Cody Willis, though the girl that plays Hope Gottireb (daugher of past Neighbours regulars Phoebe Bright and deceased Todd Landers (could we see a surprise appearance from Christian Schmid as Todd in this series) played by internet celebrity Louna Moroun seems a bit of a tasty alternative girl. Plus EastEnders tonight sees the return of nasty Nick Cotton, hopefully will be more like his wicked early recurring stints in 1980s and early 1990s and not the too panto villain stints we saw of him in 2000-01 and 2008-09, but the introduction of Charlie Cotton Jnr his son has been a masterstroke especially as he does resemble in appearance his grandad Charlie Cotton Snr.


That is all for now. :)

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