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Sunday, August 10, 2014

10th August 2014

Well retaking my ECDL Level 3 Word Processing test has been delayed to next week, due to feeling unwell at the end of the week, frustratingly! I have also been applying for a few Business Admin Level 2 apprenticeships waiting to see if something comes up thinking teaching and learning experience will be a great combination It was great to see Team England end the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow top of the medal table for the first time since 1986 (year I was born), and end the Aussies dominance over the last 6 Games! 

I went up to Manchester on Tuesday for the Coronation Street tour with ITV moving all production to the Media City in nearby Salford it means the old Granada Studios is redundant and just for this year ITV have opened the old Coronation Street set for the public until the end of the year when it will be knocked down and I saw it as a last chance to fulfill a childhood dream to visit Coronation Street set as missed out on the Granada Studio tours in the 1990s. It was my first ever visit to the city in the north of England that hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and has been home to the Madchester music scene and 2 massive football clubs in Manchester United and City! I spent the afternoon around the city centre having lunch, and visiting one or two museums like the Art Gallery that had a fine collection of Impressionist Art that brought back memorys of art lessons at Abbotsford School with the likes of legendary art teachers Mr Bowden, Ms Linda Foulke (or Ms White as she is now known!), and Mr Chris James! :) Regrettably I missed out on the Football Museum, but will try and visit next time. 

Towards the end of the afternoon I made my way to the site of the old Granada Studios once for many years one of England and the UKs main media TV studios, I got the wrong entrance at first ending up at the derelict former Granada Studios Tour theme park entrance, but then made my way to the right entrance (which also happened to be used as Peter and Carla Barlows entrance to their flat), with plaques mentioning the Queen opening this set in 1982 and visiting in 2000. First we were taken to the Green Room (the restroom and board room for cast members and production crew) by the Man United supporting tour guide who reminded a few of the Scousers in our tour group their defeat to his team the previous night. Where I sat was a random single sofa but then got told by the tour guide it was Michelle Keegan's seat aka Tina McIntyre, and the guide joked that she has changed a bit refering to yours truly in the chair haha! We got taken around the interior studio area, where we were not allowed to take photos, getting shown the interiors of the Platt/ Tilsey house with the staircase that ends right at the top and cast members have to stay there and do a balancing act hence at the top of the stairs you can see a set of feet at the top if Nick, David, Kylie or Gail go up the stairs! We got shown the clothes and makeup area used by various cast members over the last 30 years of the show, a few coffins and wedding outfits, and we also taken inside the interior of the Rovers Return, where you could have a picture of yourself taken in the bar but for about £7.  After 30 minutes we were allowed outside on to the main Coronation Street set being allowed to take as many photos and lurk around the set until it closed, seeing the shops, the houses and could sneak into the odd back garden like the ones behind Platt's/ Windass house. The fellow visitors were friendly and got no bother from the locals who were friendly and seemed a bit starstruck that I was in their fine city, after signs of Wandering Accent Syndrome (as Dave Gorman calls it!) were starting to hit me with a bit of Manchester starting to creep into my accent, as I chatted to friendly locals, I decided it was time to go home. On the way to Deansgate Station stopped off at the site of the legendary Hacidenda nightclub one of the best UK nightclubs for house music, britpop and rave in the 80s and 90s but now a block of flats that don the Hacienda logo, I decided it was a good photo oppertunity, before making the 3 hour journey back to Sussex! All in all a great afternoon.

So going to focus next week on the test finding out how my apprenticeship applications have got on and preparting to retake my computer test, and Brighton and Hove Albion pick up following opening defeat! Take care people! :)

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