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Thursday, July 31, 2014

31 July 2014

31st July 2014


Firstly very sad to to see and hear the news of Eastbourne Pier yesterday, its always been a fave haunt of mine in the Sunshine Coast town since school trips with Abbotsford in the mid 1990s. Plus of course whenever I visit Eastbourne for the tennis always means the odd photo oppertunity by the pier! Always sad to these these things happen to piers, as they are a big part of English coastal towns! The positive is at least it sounds like only one part of the pier has been damaged by the fire, unlike the other local piers gutted by fires in Sussex recent years like the Hastings and West Piers, for example, and Eastbournes Pier has been in healther state and not as neglected as it's neighbour piers, so hopefully can get fixed up and restored to its former glory next summer, though very likely to be out of action for the rest of the summer which will be a blow money wise to the town and owners of the pier, esp with Airbourne coming up!


Meanwhile I sadly narrowly missed out on passing the ECDL Level 3 word processing, but as I was within 5 marks, been invited to retake the test and don't have to retake the whole course and will find out the result quicker, so fingers crossed! It looks like I managed to avoid a gang plot to get me in Bewbush area of Crawley on Sunday, just after leaving my parents house to get the bus home, I saw 6 police cars and an ambulance gathered around the roundabout next to Bewbush shops and turned out that there had been a massive brawl around the shopping parade and nearby sports courts! A shame as the area has seemed to have improved recent years with the demoliton of The Dorsten Pub being replaced by community centre and part time police station, and nice new flats and houses getting built nearby but of course Bewbush sadly still has its problem people minority causing nonsense like they always have! 


So in the next week I will be resuming my search for work looking at Level 2 business admin apprenticeships retaking the test and on Tuesday will be visiting the city of Manchester for the day, sampling the Northern England cities delights and visiting the Coronation Street tour as well, something I have wanted to do since trying to win a competition to get tickets on the Granada Studio tours that were held in the 1990s. The football season returns next week with Albion at home to Sheffield Wednesday, so will be back at the Amex meeting with the usual fellow Brighton supporting crew! 

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