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Thursday, July 17, 2014

17th July 2014

So managed to complete my ECDL level 3 and an unofficial estimate is that I have passed, just waiting for the offical confirmation from BCS. Plus received responses from the ATP, WTA tennis tours and the FA, and whilst the feedback was mostly positive still no opportunity as of yet, yes resuming my search to see if I can find suitable career job and hopefully getting some decent help from CDG with that, but if there is not much will most likely return to Rewards Training and do more advanced courses! But really want something that I enjoy and gives me a feeling of purpose especially as I am guy with aspergers!

Last week I attended a lovely engagement party for friends Ken Major and Rachel Ansell, at Ladies Mile Pub in Patcham, Brighton. My only other time at the pub was way back in December 2004 for one of Alan Wares Albion Quiz Nights. One big memory from that night was the long wait me, Scott McCarthy and Carina Garner faced at a cold Preston Park railway station. however about a few minutes before train arrived me and Scott sneaked out of the station to race to some bushes for a quick wee, leaving poor young Carina freezing on her own in the station, both of us heard train coming and raced back inside and managed to only just board the train ontime with Carina! This time not such and incident like in 2004, and was nice to meet some old and new faces at the party! Anyway looking forward to the Commonwealth Games and US Hard Court tennis season and new football league season may have kicked off by the time I next update this blog depending take care people!

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