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Sunday, March 03, 2013

3rd March 2013


Its been a long time coming, but finally got round to it! The Albion are on the up in the play offs, and life for me been a little bit awkward but over rough patch and looking forward whether it was heating issues with the flat etc! I have been volunteering in establishing the new Oxfam shop in Crawley making it the greatest charity shop in Crawley, though still look a long way off the new facebook page etc things are going well! I have kept the mild depression under control and is disapearrng however had the mild stress of having to fill in form and getting help explaining about my mild autism and how it effects employment chances as I look set to get switched over to Employment Support Allowance in the work activity group facing anxious wait, and hopefully will get more help with finding that career business admin job, or I might go back to studying history or enhancing business admin qualifications at college/ uni!


Meanwhile winter is coming to and end and as it gets warmer I am going to go on some country walks and sample the best of the Sussex countryside with walks that range from treks through Winnie The Pooh country to strolls in the area of Arundel castle, I promise to give details of these fine walks as well as return to long distance running.


Finally regretfully I did not enter the Neighbours remixed competition to sing the new theme as I was too nervous about the tight competition however found a great drum n bass remix that I think should be the new theme featuring samples of Harold Bishop talking to Donna Freedman (aka Margot Robbie!) about his days rapping as 'Aphro Harold'.



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