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Thursday, November 29, 2012

29th November 2012

A lot has been happening since my last blog update, both in career, romance and personal life! Lets start off with the romanace front as there has been a little rumour linking me with a fellow Albion supporter (who I shall not name in fear of rejection though she may or may not know already) who is a female in her early 20s not at present romantically linked to anyone as I wrongly assumed! I would like to confirm before the rumour gets out of hand that I did express to some footy friends on the train that I do like this girl very much but have not approached her yet expressing my thoughts too scared that she would reject me my shyness kicking in. ;p; what should I do people your choice? 

On the career front, there has been a lot of change at the two charity shops I help out at. With Oxfam moving to a much bigger home in Crawley town centre after being based at the same site for about 30 years. Its launch at the new site has proved a massive suscess under the guidance of Colin Pitt (who has done a sterling job in slightly difficult circumstances), I have been invited to partly run the Oxfam Crawley facebook page! Plus things are looking up at St Catherines Hospice after the sad departure of Zuzana a new euthastic manager by the name of Amy who has the rare talent of being able to fit into little kids tops! Again under her guidance with a new manager comes new challenges and has been giving me a chance with data entry work in the back office which has been fun amongest other things! :) I did have an interview last month but nothing came of it! Christmas is just around the corner and looking forward to spending it at the parents along with the crazyiness of the St Catherines Hospice Christmas Dinner at Goffs Park Hotel and not ruling out a possible public appearance by my femme self in some form soon! Anyway promise another update soon! :)

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