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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Legendary Knightmare 25 years young




A few days ago, it was a very important date the day the first ever episode of popular kids show Knightmare was shown on ITV with the theme about to be played for the first time!


Now for those too young to remember or not in the UK at the time the 8 series aired between 1987-1994 here is a basic explanation of this legendary British children’s adventure game show! It involved a team of 4 (usually aged between 11-16 years old) consisting of one person being the 'dungeoneer' as they were properly called who is blindfolded with a special holy helmet and was guided by 3 team mates the advisors. Basically the advisors from the safety of Knightmare castle under the watchful eye of Lord Treguard had to assist and guide the dungeoneer around 3 levels of the dungeon layer to complete their chosen quest which could vary series after series. In the latter series Treguard would have an assistant the legendary Pickles the elf who would have endless banter with Treguard at the end of episodes, and in the final two series Pickles was replaced by an Arabian genie named Majida who could be a little irratating but was still entertaining. There was the oppisition headed in the early series by Mogred, and in the latter series by the legend Lord Fear! Plus we should never forget the lovely dragon Smikenoff! :) The show was most noted for pretty much ahead of its time for its use of blue screen chroma key technology borrowed by Knightmare creator Tim Childs from TV weather broadcasts which were starting to make use of it, as well as the famous 'virtual reality' interactive gameplay on television.


This was an addictive must watch show for UK kids, after the intro us viewers would be greeted as the 'watchers' by the legendary host Lord Treguard to the castle of confusion! The show had many classic moments down the years and I was hooked right up until the final episode was shown in November 1994, the next year uncertainty loomed whether this show would continue until finally looking up the TV schedules to see that Pat Sharps Fun House had occupied the old Knightmare slot for late 1995, I was in mourning!


It was a pretty challenging show, out of the large number of teams over the 8 series that took part only 8 teams were victorious overall, most failing in the first 3 levels, whether it was falling down the causeway, getting cut up in the corridor blades or the opposition catching the dungeoneer in some form! Thankfully all the episodes can be accessed from youtube for the likes of me and others to relive our childhood or for those that did not see the original series if too young or not from UK originally! Plus if you petition Challenge TV hopefully they will show repeats of the classic show again! :)


Plus I leave you with this classic moment “Simon sidestep to the left”! :) A guide to insistant on moving their dungeoner to the left! lol




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