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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Basics of adult with aspergers/ autism

Here was a nice facebook status by a facebook page called ARMY of Autism Awareness Angels, run by a mother of an Autistic child Brooke Clarke of Adelaide, Australia raising awareness of autism, it really sums up the difficulties of being an adult with high functioning autism/ aspergers! Thought I would share it :) The page can be accessed here!


AUTISM FACT: Autism is a Lifelong condition ! That means that kids with ASD will grow into Adults with ASD. Whilst the traits of an Adult with Autism (especially High Functioning) may not be so evident than those of a child with ASD, we need to therefore be in tune with and understand those signs to make them more comfortable in our interactions. We asked on of our Supporters, a 19 year old young lady with High Functioning Autism, what she would like to share with people about her Autism. Thank you "Miss H" for sharing with us :)
-When I don't make eye contact it does NOT mean I don't care or am disinterested, i find eye contact hard and at times stressful (makes job interviews etc pretty interesting).
-My body language might say "get me out of here" but that doesn't necessarily mean "get me away from you" too. Sometimes it's the place/noise/situation that gets to me.
-We aren't asking the questions repeatedly just to annoy you, we just want it to make sense and get it right.
Empathy: sometimes it can be so hard for to try comforting another person, for me I think it may be that I was terrified of looking ridiculous or more so, being rebuffed. Much better now though!"
Please everyone, BE AUTISM AWARE !

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