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Thursday, August 16, 2012

16th August 2012

I managed to enjoy the Olympic experience live over the weekend, I travelled up to London to watch the London marathon, which was the experience of a lifetime seeing sports fans from all over Britain and the world gathered! It was a great atmosphere, and lovely see fans from all around the world! Main highlight was after the marathon I was at the Walkabout bar by the Thames, and witnessed some French fans gathered around a small screen watching the Mens Handball final whilst most in the bar were focused on basketball final on big screen chanting 'Allez le Bleus'. In the closing minutes of the final the screen suddenly cut out to some PC (Personal Computer not Political Correctness) error nonsense. At first the French fans attempted unsusessfully to fix the problem (touching OK on screen does not always work!), but a lovely member of staff managed to sort out the problem just as the match finished with a Gold Medal for France!


All in all it was a great opening ceremony though closing ceremony was poor at the start it was decent by the end with the legendary Fatboy Slim getting the crowd going! It was Great Britain’s best showing for 100 years a long way from the first Olympics I got into Atlanta 1996 where we only managed one Gold Medal! Sad the Olympics are over but you have got Brighton and Hove Albions league campaign starting on Saturday and looking forward to the US Open tennis at the end of the month! :)

As for life, struggling a little bit, as I lost some crucial business admin certificates and been a bit slow on the job front but with Olympics over should start to pick! Anyone willing to help me out and office advice get in touch!

Plus been reading ebook by former Neighbours lovely Carla Bonner (aka Steph Scully) titled Hook, Line and Sink Her, which gives a fun insight into how to win women seeing things how they see it and seeing all the signs men dont normally see, certainly worth a read.



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