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Monday, January 10, 2011

10th January 2011

Welcome to my first post of 2011! Yes I have left it a bit late admittingly. I would like to wish you all a happy new year! I have had to celebrate two birthdays alongside New Years Eve. I chose to celebrate NYE locally a few drinks at local pub before going to a party at neighbours flat! I celebrated 25 years of existance on January 2nd, celebrations unlike last years adventure with Sissling/ Froud/ Pandit/ Steeples (with the latter two recently getting engaged!) were a bit low key (which is typical of most birthdays just after NY Day), I had a quiet drink at Greyhound before heading to parents!

I am not generally a guy that believes in NY resolutions, so I am not going to write a massive list to bore you! Nor am I sure if I should mention about my experience in the West Stand of Withdean, which involved a walk all the way round the main leisure centre, before enjoyinr the Albions 3-1 win against South Coast rivals Pompey! The stand generally felt a bit isolated, and the view was poor but not quite as bad as imagined! Plus if goal was scored other end would have to wait for players response or South Stand cheering it would take 2-3 seconds before we got excited!

There has been some weird and tragic storys on both sides of the atlantic with poor Jo Yeates, and a US Congresswoman and her team getting shot by a deranged man! There looks to be yet another new country South Sudan in 2011!

Anyway I promise a more detailed entry soon, along with a spoof Knightmare script to get you in memory lane! Have a great year people!

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