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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Message 2010 to good friends and the World

Christmas Day Message 2010 to good friends and the World

Greetings and merry christmas to everyone reading this. Just awoke from a little nap after Christmas dinner (where I nearly managed three years in a row not wearing hat! as I ate the festive meal)! Well the last year has witnessed a host of changes and new challenges in the life of Mr Ball. The biggest one was when I managed to relocate Strike Towers into my first flat in Three Bridges, Crawley moving away from the comfort of Camfield! It has not been easy (as you may have read, the housing assocatition did keep me in the dark for a few months about the place before accepting me), but I would love to thank my family and friends that helped me get stuff for the flat and spiritually helped me cope. It really does show who your real friends are the end of the day!

I seem to have reached the age where suddenly friends and contacts are getting married left right and centre. This year I attended two wedding receptions, Steve & Leigh Valder, and Andy & Jennifer Rumble (both assisted with flat move thanks for that). Plus a few other looser contacts have tied the knot! Congratulations to you all. I just about end the year happily single, but don't rule out a special girl that might want to come into my life in the future.

I have resumed work experience under the watchful eye of the living lrgend Colin Pitt at Oxfam and also assist the wonderful folk of St Catherines Hospice, so far end the year still not in full time employment, but still hope an open oppertunity will come up soon!

Not to mention the various random incidents and nonsense facts I have covered throughout the year! Including my blog celebrating five years of being online and hopefully will last too ten years! :)

Sports wise the year has been generally positive apart from Englands dismal World Cup exit at the hands of Germany, I have witnessed the magic flair of Gus Poyet transform Brighton from strugglers in League 1 to leaders at Christmas, heres hoping it can continue and fingers crossed there is a good chance the Seagulls can swap divisions with Crys*** Pal*** when they move into their new stadium the Amex in May! Sussex gained an instant return to Division 1 of the County Championship. Not forgetting the England cricket team winning the Twenty World Cup, and possibly fingers crossed The Ashes! I also attended Wimbledon this year seeing the eventual mens doubles champions and got into Centre Court to see Murray win his QF match against Tsonga! 2011 should hopefully be a bigger better year with the Rugby world cup, more tennis and the earlier mentioned Albion stuff!

Hopefully 2011 can be a better and more exciting year in the life of Mr Ball and again brings more fun and challenges! Hopefully it will! Peace and love to all and remember to respect any Charles or Charlie Ball you encounter whether its in Jamaica or Buckinghamshire! lol Peace and love

Charles Ball xxx

Strike Factory quotes of the year

"Do Quakers make porridge?" Sarah Steeples

" We are going to close our eyes and hope for the best!" Graham Baker on taking penaltys for Woking!


Merry Christmas Charles. See you in 2011.

Posted by: Andy | Saturday, December 25, 2010

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