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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22nd December 2010

22nd December 2010

There has been plenty of activity the last week, on Thursday I ventured up to London invited by Samia Bentayeb who was launching her wonderful book The Berber Kiss at La Gelleria, there were plenty of people present from all around the world from England, USA to Algeria, Romania at the launch etc! I got to meet plenty of new faces! One person I did not expect to meet however was Clea Myers who was in the news a few years ago about her Crystal Meth experience in California, we had a interesting discussion about drugs and Louis Theroux! It was a fun evening all round with a wide variety of artwork being shown at the place. I had a bit too much wine however, as I got the train back from Charing Cross instead off getting off at London Bridge I ended up at New Cross station (not to be confused with the infamous New Cross Gate), but experiencing 10-15 minutes at a near deserted rail station, in the cold night wind, a pub with the words 'Take Courage' reminding you that you are deep in Millwall land was maybe not the cleverest idea. I managed to get back to Sussex in one piece alive and well however.

On Saturday I attended the wedding reception of my former West Sussex youth constituent and great friend Andy Rumble and Jennifer Roberts (now also Rumble) at The Terraces, despite the weather and transport fears, I managed to get from Crawley to Brighton in about 29 minutes! Thankfully it seems Southern and First Capital Connect are getting used to the winter snow ( even if I was informed by Kerry Bailey that she had the misfortune to experience a 6 hour journey from Brighton to Tunbridge Wells thanks to Southeastern trains), It was wonderful to see Mr and now Mrs Rumbles wedding was a suscess despite the fears would mean hardly anyone would attend due to the weather! It was a great turnout and pleased that it went well! Minor highlights included Scott McCarthy needing assistance to get from one end of the room to the other, some of Mrs Rumbles female friends including a blonde lady in greenish dress wanting to dance with all the males present at the event, endless Take That songs and the main highlight being final great group dance for Lady In Red!

I left the wedding reception for Audio linking up with Paul Hayward, Matt and Michelle O'Neill who were also present at the wedding reception they eventually departed for the Fishbowl, while I remained at Audio due to ID being stupidly left at home, until rail replacement bus arrived to take me back to the warmth and comfort of Strike Towers!

Not very long until christmas but schedule has been messed up be MkII of the great Snowmagedon this year, with a journey to Withdean called off near Haywards Heath on Friday, this time being greeted by Christmas carol singers at Haywards Heath, instead of ghosts of Millwall and rival hooligans on a cold evening! I plan to spend it with parents! I wish you all a merry christmas those reading!

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